VOD Review request- (Help I don’t know what I’m doing on) plat tank (Mostly Winston/Dva but also a bit of Zarya)

TLDR: Me suck at tank but me suck at monkey extra bad. Me keep winning tho. Me confused (VOD Reviews at the bottom).

So I made a new account to practice aim intensive hitscan and Echo, but while playing flex games for passes I suddenly got interested in grinding for tank, which is the role I never ever play. I've been mostly instalocking Zarya and she's objectively my best tank now, but I really want to learn dive tanks as well. Unfortunately I realised I really don't know what I'm doing on these guys. A lot of the time I'm not really sure how to engage and looking at these vods I just look like a complete buffoon with no awareness that seems to be in a constant state of panic. I feel like there were a lot of times I could've severely punished the enemy team for their mistakes and the fact that I couldn't is pretty frustrating.

Between Winston and Dva I think my monkey is the one that needs the most work so I got a couple of questions before I give you the VODS:

-How do you actually jump on monkey and land where you actually want to go? It feels like every time I jump I either hit 1 pixel of a column and completely fuck it and go nowhere or I'm jumping off the map (spoilers: This actually happens in one of these…). This is kind of why I just stare at my Zen getting dived on at the edge of the map in the Numbani game instead of, you know, actually helping him.

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-How do I make his ult work? I have the same problem with primal that I do with his regular leap. If I jump once I leap like 3 km away from anyone, but without jumping people are always slightly out of reach.

-That's another thing, how do I make it so I'm zapping people more and zapping the air less? I play a lot of Reaper but even for me Winston's gun feels very restrictive and everyone is always slightly out of reach.

As of right now I'm 2888 mostly playing on Zarya, but I wouldn't blame you if you thought this was a lost silver player- for reference, my other two roles usually hover around mid/high diamond. My in game name is "KOH"

Also I know this sub really likes losses, but I somehow managed to win most of my games today, so I only got one loss. Rest assured though, I play like shit in every single one of these.

BUSAN– Winston and some Zarya/Ball at the end- WIN: 0PAWM6 (I felt like my main issue in this one is that I felt that I couldn't rely on my team to keep me up while I jumped in so there were a lot of missed opportunities on my end. I think I slightly pick it up at the last round except for the fact that I just jump on a Reaper for no reason and die instantly… yeah).

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ROUTE 66– Winston/Dva/Zarya- LOSS: 9G726E (This game is awful even for my standards, and probably my worst Zarya game by far. Lots of bad bubbles. I was really lost on how to deal with the double sniper on Dva so I swapped almost immediately after turbo feeding).

GIBRALTAR– Dva- WIN: 1SFNEY (This is a better Dva game but it's still bad. I think my main issue is that I need to actually think about how I'm using DM rather than randomly spamming it at nothing).

NUMBANI– Winston (and a tiny bit of Rein at the end)- WIN: G6J7HT (I was gonna say this was a way better Winston game… but then I watched it. Also this was a Diamond lobby so I kinda got nervous lol).

Sorry for the massive post but since these heroes are pretty much new to me I feel like I need to cover all my bases and just put all my questions and VODS out there. You don't have to watch them all obviously, commentary on any single one would help.


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