We will determine if Blizzard takes a position

Hi cow,

In March Overwatch team took a stance against behavior contrary to the game's valued by altering in-game skin and offering credit refunds.

Today we face a situation where four organisations have made public statements directly opposing the gam's values and negatively affecting league activities (social media presence and practice sessions); yet there is only silence.

I have contacted Blizzard support with the same inquiry as in March. I was told that a refund was not possible, but that I should involve the community if I wanted changes made to the game. If we the community takes a clear and strong position, it might force the development team to make one as well:

After taking a look of your case, I am afraid that all in game purchases with overwatch league token are final. In this case, please understand that our hands are tied.

In this case, if you have any idea regarding to this issue, I would suggest you to submit it on our forum. Please understand that Customer Support does not have any ability to make changes to the game and the best place to submit any suggestions or concerns would be through the ingame suggestion or forums. While it may not receive a direct reply the developers read over the information left by the community to see how they may feel about a particular topic and make changes to the game.

So where do we truly stand? This isn't much, but the Overwatch team as shown us that this is possible. Keep talking about it, submit feedback to reddit and official forums. Remember to be respectful when communicating with staff; they are not the ones making the decisions.

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I will post my ticket submission in the comments if you, like me, no longer desire these organisations represented in your inventory (rip summoning lord Ameng energy).

Edit: look i don't care if this idea i got is stupid or not, its just an idea. What is important is if the community makes this sort of behavior a big deal or not. Blizzard expects most people to think it's bigger than them (and it is) and do nothing, which allows them to brush this under the rug when people forget in a week or two. The community decides if it is something to be addressed or not, because our currency is time spent watching/playing. How we talk about it and we choose to engage with the product determines if Blizzard can play the silence game or perhaps is forced into addressing the issue in some capacity.


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