What does a diamond tank and support need to do to seperate from being a plat tank and support and even masters level

Hey guys, I thought I'd post because I'm feeling lost at my current tank and support SR. 3200 and 3100 respectively. I was in mid plat this season (and most seasons this game had been around) and 130 games later this season and a 60% win rate, I'm where I'm at now.

As a support I don't necessarily feel I'm missing something. I main ana and bap but play all supports., I hit my antis, I make the enemy tanks lives hell. I deny ults and cooldowns. I don't get punked by enemy dps since I establish pretty early on that I'm not a freebie for flankers. And I assassinate low health enemies. I understand that maximizing my utility over being a heal bot is mainly what pushed me over the plat hump. But I'd love any suggestions to up my game that you all feel seperates masters support, diamond support, and plat support

For tank, I'm climbing still. Both roles I almost exclusively 6 stack with LFG. I play all tanks but orisa, I can but nobody wants orisa on xbox. Once I hit the 3000 mark and began only playing with 3k+ parties it's been a different story. Id say I play off and main tank pretty evenly. But when it comes to rein. I just don't know. I mean clearly I'm doing something cause I'm still climbing. The other reins basically alpha me all day long but my teams still win off the backs of early dps picks which normally in plat, I'm the one that needs to make a play. I've learned I can't really do that anymore, at least not so soon in a fight anymore but beyond that I'm a little lost. I don't think I'm in a rut per se. If I go an lfg a plat group, I'll do much better… I mean obviously they are plats so it would be expected, but I just feel like I've hit a wall. I know I still block and hit my ults well. I deny enemy cooldowns like ana nades. I don't take bad routes that will get my team wiped like left room anubis against a junk. So what helped you up your tank game between plat, diamond, and masters tank?

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