What You NEED To Do Between Team Fights

Streaming topic here https://youtu.be/nu-oqUdPglU But for those who want text covering most of the topic bellow in that format as well:

Many people are familiar with the concepts of Poke/Rotation phase, Mid fight / Brawl phase, and Clean up / Stagger phase. And most coaching surrounding team fights is going to heavily emphasize the beginning of the fight, that is the poke/rotation set up phase and the mid fight / execution brawl phase. The reasoning for this is sound, if a team sets up well, and then executes well from their set up, they are very likely to win the fight. It's also true that once a team goes up about 2 people (or equivalent in resources and positioning) the fight is most often a write off and quickly approaches dead fight territory. By comparison however an underexplored topic is the end of fights. Once it's clear the other team has lost and they are trying to back out what do you do as the winning team?

We the things that everyone knows is eliminate them immediately if they're stopping objective progress, but potentially delay their elimination if it's safe to do so, so that they get a staggered spawn, delaying the time until that losing team can take another full strength team fight. We can go deeper though. Assuming it's not safe to keep the hero alive, or that they were stopping the objective so they get eliminated, the next thing the winning team does is push forward with some portion of their team to try to get people that either retreated from the fight, or were coming to reinforce and then changed their mind. Eliminating these people is of course still staggering the losing team. As for who pushes up to get these staggers, well the reality of them being time sensitive means the players who are on the fastest heroes (Lucio, Tracer, DVA, Soldier) and the heroes who are already in front of much of their team (Rein, Zarya, Sigma, Mei) are going to find themselves doing it by necessity while the Baps, Zens and Anas of the world will likely be left behind to cap.

But what do you do after these defenders are either eliminated or got out to the safety of their spawn or a large enough group of teammates / positioning? Well this is Overwatch so you shoot at them of course. Seriously you now take a "forward poke" phase of sorts. Your staff for this may suck, it sure would be nice to have your Bap up here for example, while having your Mei or Reaper up here is kind of meh. Ditto to the Reinhardt and DVA. So what do you do? Well you poke from however far forward you got before the other team found safety until it's not longer relatively safe or advantageous to do so (enemy team has gathered up more and better poke heroes, or is close enough on their rotation that it's time for your team to fall back rather than get caught in a mid fight without adequate support). Don't over greed this mini phase. You get value from the opponents having to rotate up through resistance, and you have the potential of getting a pick, but the strength of your next phase is more important.

What is that next phase? The forward hold phase. You as the team with the last team fight win (doesn't matter if officially on offense round, defense round, or koth), get to set up your fight with map control advantage. This mean your team should pre-emptively have corner control, angles, lanes, high ground, the whole 9 yards of what's relevant to a team fight advantage through positioning, ahead of the objective.

NOW you're in the beginning of what most people would think of as the rotation or poke phase. The opponents still have to finish rotating in (Or you could, with a drop from high ground, a dive as they walk into your kill box etc) while you poke at them as per standard. The difference however is you get this "beginning" after you've already delayed the opponents challenge with stagger attempts, gotten an extra mini poke phase to fish for picks and/or slow down their rotation by making them group so they had resources to push into the forward poke, and now still have a map control advantage created through objective pressure (either the timer is ticking in your favor or the cart is still back a bit and pushing into your forward hold position so them not pushing into your forward hold advantageous map control is you getting progress).

So this is how you conceptually chain fights together. Your team isn't over extending when they push up after a won fight, nor should you be just letting the enemy team gather in peace if they haven't earned it (this is true even if they're on 3rd point and you JUST unlocked 2nd). You likely have some lingering questions though, one such question might be, when if ever do we swap the flex support or cart? Do the comps matter? What about if someone else died late in the fight win so they're furthest back, should the flex support take off to join the forward team and let them push? Where does ult tracking fit in if there isn't actually dead time between fights? I'll answer these question as well as others you can put forth in chat here https://youtu.be/nu-oqUdPglU . Hope to see you all there.


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