When to pick which support?

I've been maining Ana because she is my favourite support. I love getting clutch sleeps and making picks/plays with my anti-nade.

But I've basically been one-tricking her. Actively thinking about my positioning is one of the first fundamentals I'm trying to nail down in Overwatch and Ana's lack of mobility really punishes being out of position.

Anyways, I want to be proficient with every support hero and I want to be able to swap off, counter, and play into my teams comp better. This my rough idea of each hero and the role they fill. But I want to get a better understanding of their unique roles and how they fit into the game.

Main Healers:

Ana: Works basically everywhere. Can hang back and play safe, but 1v1ing flankers is very mechanic heavy (nailing sleeps and quick scopes). I find she's at her best though when she can hold safe angles but still be close to nade behind shields/at vulnerable targets. This works well with a solid shield tank and definitely with two. Anti-nades OP and have synergy with many many heroes. Same goes for stopping ults with sleep. I tend to not pick Ana as much on control maps.

Baptiste: Similar to Ana in that he works well with many comps. He shines when he is damaging as much as he can (while not neglecting healing). Can reposition on the fly with jump. Works best with teams that are grouped up to get most of his nades and immo field and on maps with lots of verticality to take advantage of.

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Moira: Very strong brawler type healer. With her fade she can get right up in the fights for damage and heals and hop in and out and dodge hooks, stuns, etc.

Off Healers:

Brigitte: Works well with shield tanks and grouped up comps. Needs potent burst healer paired with her so she can focus on peeling and saving packs for squishies. Very situational. Great against ball I've found.

Lucio: My least played support. Wall-riding is hard and I've tried to practice. I feel like Lucio really needs a high level of game sense to truly shine. When to speed burst vs heal, when to flank and fuck around with back line vs peel, etc. I'm really bad with Lucio and often have a hard time "zooming out" and thinking in the macro ways he needs to be thinking in. (Is this right? Just observations of a hero I rarely play).

Mercy: Sooo boring, IMO. Strong with her damage boost. She works well with Pharah obviously as a pocket. But damage boost also works great on long-range heroes and teams that rely on getting picks with them. Like Hanzo, Ashe, Widow.

Zenyatta: Really potent off-healer. Discord orb always on tanks (or pharah) and I throw healing orb on whoever is low. He spams a TON of damage with his orbs. I pick Zen if we have a strong main heals and the enemy team has something like zarya/hanzo ult.

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I know I'm probably missing a ton and maybe wrong about some things too. I'd love to flesh out my knowledge of these heroes so I can be a good flex support player.

EDIT: If nothing else, I would love to understand the nuances between Ana and Baptiste. They are my two favourite supports to play and I want to make informed decisions rather than just what I feel like playing.


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