Why you still lose SR when your team has a leaver

One of the most common complaint is, "why do I lose SR if my team has a leaver? It is not my fault that someone left. It is unfair for my team to get punished."

First of all, the overall objectives of the game is to reduce leavers.

Now suppose there is no SR loss, or reduced SR loss, after a leaver. Would this new system create more leavers or less leavers?

More leavers is the clear answer. Main reason for more leavers is:

People will leave to help their team if they believe the enemy team is unfair because of an enemy smurf, enemy hacker or "broken" tactic, like a Bastion bunker in low Elos.

Losing 50SR isn't a big deal to many players. And if they planned to stop playing, then the suspension wouldn't matter. Also, people commonly have multiple accounts. If a player doesn't care about the SR on an account, then the player can leave and don't care about the SR penalty.

Of course, you can increase the SR penalty for leaving. Like 100 SR or 200 SR for leaving. But that would be unfair to people with legit reasons for leaving, like a fire alarm went off or if their Tinder date comes over.

Also, people in groups would abuse the leaver system. You can make everyone in the group lose SR, but then that would be unfair to groups with a legit reason for leaving. People who play in groups still need to poop at unfortunate times.

Besides creating more leavers, there are also secondary bad side effects of no SR loss/reduced SR loss from a leaver.

Increased toxicity: Currently, people will say, "X player is trash." The new system will encourage people to say, "X player is trash, leave now!" People on the losing team might spend more time demanding each other to leave instead of actually playing the game.

Won't solve rage quitters: currently, people either leave due to a real world interference or rage quit. If there is no SR loss from leavers, then rage quitters may stay because they don't want to help their team. The rage quitters will probably throw instead of trying to win though. So encouraging rage quitters to stay won't make them better players.

Comp becomes "Just Chatting" once someone leaves: after a team has a leaver, the team would have little incentive to try anymore if there is no SR loss. If they sweat and try hard, they will most likely lose and get 0 SR. If they play "Just Chatting," then they will get 0 SR. Chances are they will chat instead of try hard. It only takes one player to chat to force the rest of the team to chat, as a team cannot realistically win a 4 vs 6.


The main goal of the game is to reduce leavers. If there is no SR loss/reduced SR loss from a leaver, then people will abuse the system and the game will have more leavers. The game can prevent leaver abuse by hitting leavers with a high SR penalty, but that would be unfair to people with legit reasons for leaving.

Losing a game due to leavers is a bad feeling. But that's what you signed up for when you play an online team game with internet randos. You can't expect an online game to have the same experience as a real world game. If a player suddenly leaves a real life basketball game, then the refs would pause the game and the coach would sub in a new player. If the coach can't sub, then the team forfeits and the leaver will get dropped.


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