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Widowmaker is a difficult hero to learn- any hero that relies on aim usually is. However, something that a lot of folks miss is that Widow is as strategic as she is mechanical. Getting good at Widow takes a lot of practice on finding good sightlines, understanding timing/aggression, getting value out of your CDs, and, yes, using your Ultimate properly.

Infra-Sight allows Widow's team to see enemies through walls for fifteen seconds, providing opportunities to line up easier headshots and, more importantly, providing scouting information that her entire team can benefit from.

Unfortunately, it seems most Widowmakers put as much thought into their Ultimate as a Junkrat does into aiming (that's not fair to Junkrat mains, but I couldn't resist), and that's a travesty.

Far too often I see Infra-Sight popped after a couple of headshots (as if Widow's using it to show-off), or I see it used immediately after fights are over. Using Infra-Sight like this is just about as bad as wasting any other ultimate, and it's high time we started drawing more attention to this!

Before we talk about exactly when (and how) to use Infra-Sight, let's explore the raw value it provides.

As mentioned before, Infra-Sight provides scouting on the entire enemy. This can be used for her team to position better around where enemies are, either aggressively:

"Let's push and Graviton Surge them around her-, they are all clumped behind this corner!"

or defensively:

"Uh, oh. Doomfist is behind us, Zen- let's rotate away from that location."

In terms of solely selfish use, perfect scouting allows Widow to know her positional limits with better accuracy. You can push a more aggressive angle if you knows where the enemy DPS/Tanks are (I can angle aggressively here, because there are no enemies to stop me there). You can also mitigate threats easier by anticipating enemy pressure- no surprise Genji or Ball flanks!

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Infra-Sight also provides the not-insignificant value of enabling easier kills- knowing exactly where enemies are allows for easier headshots. You know where they are, and you can line your crosshair up easily! (And still miss the shot but that's your problem, not mine…)

Scouting and kill-threat provides Infra-Sight with direct value, but there's other value too! As you get better at finding value out of Infra-Sight, and as the enemy team grows wise to its threat, it will start to find value indirectly. Infra-Sight when timed properly can spook members of the enemy team (or perhaps the entire enemy team!) to position and play awkwardly, defensively, and less confident. This will allow your team to take more favorable positions on the map, giving your team an advantage in the fight even if you don't click a bunch of heads!

So all that said, when do you use Infra-Sight? Thankfully, this is the easiest part of this guide (in fact the ease of using Infra-Sight correctly is what makes it so unforgiveable when it's not!):

Infra-Sight is almost always best used immediately before the fight starts.

This puts the enemy team in a most awkward position- do we fight against their Infra-Sight? Do we run away? Can we wait it out? Do I have time to reposition? Oh no, their tanks are engaging on us! Where is the Widow? Who do I focus? HELP!In addition, this timing allows your team to play the fight with perfect scouting and execute your attack plan with maximum efficacy.

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Now, there are three notable exceptions to timing. Let's touch on these briefly:

  1. It can be helpful to use Infra-Sight a few seconds before a fight starts, specifically against compositions with mobile heroes. This gives you information where they are setup to dive/pressure you, allowing you/your team time to position against/push them as necessary.
  2. It can be helpful in Widow mirrors to save Infra-Sight to mirror their Widowmaker. If you wish to hard to focus on countering the enemy Widow and/or your team is holding a better position on the map, saving Infra-Sight to counter the enemy Infra-sight can prevent the enemy Widow from getting value, keeping things in a "neutral" state. This helps the team with the better positioning (you) to hold!

Now for some visual examples:

Example 1: https://i.imgur.com/FxAp2rR.png

Dorado 2nd defense is notoriously strong for Widowmaker, with long sightlines and numerous angles.

Infra-Sight can be used to allow Widow to adjust her angle (dotted blue lines) for more aggression onto the enemy. In addition, Dorado 2nd defense is such a strong hold, that in Widow mirrors, it's probably worth saving Infra-Sight to counter the enemy Widow's- if your team can match resources/Ults and maintain high ground, it is likely that you will hold.

Example 2: https://i.imgur.com/TDPQBCl.png

Hanamura 2nd defense can be a solid map for Widow, with longer sightlines and a couple options for angles.

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Infra-sight options for more aggressive angles are available (dotted-blue), with potential of "flipping the map" and going into the enemy spawn for unorthodox angles. Infra-Sight can also provide you with information on flanking enemies (in Red), such as Wrecking Ball, Tracer, etc.

Example 3: https://i.imgur.com/apMxtE2.png

Busan Sanctuary may be the best KOTH point for Widowmaker, with open spaces and angles galore.

Infra-sight can be used to deepen angles on the enemy (dotted-blue), as well as getting information on enemy flanks. Another benefit of popping Infra-Sight a little early to clear/pressure enemy flanks is that it means those flankers may have to go back for support right when the fight starts- completely throwing off the enemy's pressure timing!

FULL REVIEW (going over many of these concepts in detail):

My stream (where I do roast reviews/Pro analysis): https://www.twitch.tv/spilo

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