Write up of Hex’s stream about his move from casting to being a producer

A brief write-up of (the beginning of) Hex's stream about his move to Production. This is not perfect and I might be wrong/make mistakes, but I think this is pretty accurate. You can watch for yourself here.

How he ended up moving to Production:

  • OWL asked him what he wanted to do.

  • Hex said he wanted to cast, but wanted to look to the future, partly in terms of having a more stable position as he gets older since there is usually a gap after the season ends when you're not getting paid (though he was on a year contract last year and was paid until the end of January), and also brought up the possibility of a two year deal.

  • OWL said they weren't sure what casting was going to look like in 2021, and brought up the idea of going into production (which I gather he had made motions toward in the past).

  • Hex wanted something with maybe a bit more career stability, and also has always been big on rounding out his resume

  • Hex had a chat/sort of interview with Production. They said they had a role for a new producer and were interviewing people at the time (so Hex competed against others for the job).

  • In the middle of January he hadn't heard back from the talent side of things (which he said made sense because they were really busy with CDL), and Production came back to him with a job offer. They talked numbers, but Hex wanted more information about what was on the table on the Talent side of things, though he was leaning towards production.

  • He went on to say that he loves casting, but feels like he would never be the best caster (he also said he still has more room to develop as a caster and is about 80-90% towards being the best caster he could be right now,) – which is fine – and feels like he could be a great producer. He also liked the new challenge and opportunity of being a producer.

  • Hex has always had quite a clear idea of what he wants the league to look like from a production side of things.

  • He got the offer from Talent, and he said even if that offer was more he probably would've taken the Production job (it's not clear if one was higher or not).

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The background behind his move to Production:

  • Hex was always up for doing anything, getting his hands in things. Looking back, in S2 there was a talent announcement video for Wolf and Achilios. The talent were mostly all involved, but weren't that happy with the script for the skit. Hex went in and re-wrote the script a bit.

  • Throughout S2 and 3 he would be constantly pitching ideas, including sending in a load of scripts. There were plans to do a load of his ideas – he had 5 or 6 solid scripts – but then Covid hit.

  • Now he is still trying to get his hands on everything that is going on, and be really involved in all that is going to broadcast (though he realises he is a rookie producer)


Is he still going to cast?

…they (as in him and the OWL team) don't really know yet. Initially the idea was for him to keep doing broadcast stuff, and he wants to – but it gets complicated. It's hard for him to do APAC due to timezones, and he has to be scheduled in etc. He has been told he will still have broadcast roles of some sort, has been sent the equipment, and has had consultations with wardrobe/makeup etc. booked in., but it's all still slightly up in the air.

What is production exactly?

At it's base it's just making things happen. Everything that's not in-game footage (and even some of that) is production – so queueing up graphics, making sure everything gets on screen properly, writing scripts, managing skits, getting music licensed, getting graphics made, etc.. His focus is probably going to be on watchpoint this year, pre-game and post-game production – trying to get people to watch the pre-game especially, which is hard. Some of this is ideally going to be built up over the season – so something made in week 1 will be iterated on and made better.

Blizz cut 50 people from esports, what does this mean for you?

Hex was hired a couple weeks before the layoffs, so delayed his announcement. It's a tough question, he doesn't really have an insight into the corporate side of things. This might effect the resources he has, but ultimately you always just need to work with what you've got.

What is the future for live events in OWL?

This effected the layouts – everything being in person means they needed twice the amount of people at the beginning of S3 to effectively manage two productions. Hex likes live events, but (pure speculation) he doesn't think they'll ever go back to doing two broadcasts a week from two cities.

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At this point 30 minutes into the VOD I stopped listening/transcribing, go check it out if you want to hear more!


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