Zaroide (French caster), HammerKick (French caster), Albless (Ex-Manager and Ex-Coach for Toronto) and Benbest’s 2021 Power Rankings

On March 24th, Zaroide (french caster who regularly does interviews with players / does OW analysis) did a special Power Ranking stream on his channel with :

NA Ranking

From left to right: Albless, Benbest, HammerKick and Zaroide

APAC Ranking


ROTY Candidates


Playoff favorites

This is a top 8 cross-region of the teams based on their projected performance in the season's playoffs


Some important points:

  • They acknowledge that there isn't a lot of information to base a lot of those rankings from, and base a lot of the rosters on the strength on paper (or some (limited) insider knowledge for Benbest/Albless)
  • Benbest has sait that he doesn't have a lot of insight on the APAC region, but he believes the top NA teams are significantly better than most APAC teams (except Shanghai)
  • Albless has not had a lot of time to think through his rankings and would put Washington significantly higher than he did (top 3 territory) and would put Atlanta higher and Florida and Paris lower
  • Benbest has commented a lot on how bad most APAC main tanks are at Reinhardt and at Rush compositions (and states that APAC teams that were in NA at the beginning of the season like Seoul and New York were destroyed by top NA teams on Rush comps)
  • Benbest also commented that he doesn't like Florida and states that they were a team with a single style (very defensive) and that they only looked good on double shield compositions, and he doesn't believe neither OGE or Slime to be top players (he really likes Yaki and the rest of the roster though). He isn't really high on Kuki as a coach (because Florida was only good at one style) and doesn't think he can get OGE to finally be consistent
  • Benbest is quite high on Stand1, especially on Reinhardt (unusual for a Korean main tank) but has doubts on Myunbong on his non-Ana heroes
  • Albless says Muze was a little underwhelming compared to the hype around him (close to and maybe ever higher than Mag) when he saw him play in trials. Benbest also seems a bit underwhelmed by Muze in his performance in the Steelseries tournament (I may be misinterpreting it since he didn't say it outright but he seemed to echo Albless's sentiment)
  • Benbest is very high on Washington, even the more critisized support line, that he considered top tier
  • Benbest is not high at all on Yakpung (he seems to only rate him on his Toronto showings so it kind of makes sense)
  • Zaroide is pretty low on Fusion because of the visa issues that they are facing
  • Albless put Spark at n°1 both for the memes and for the potential of the roster
  • Zaroide put Seoul at n°2 because he is sick of seeing them being inconsistent and want them to be a consistently great team. He is also pretty high on Creative and Toyou
  • Benbest put Seoul higher on his playoff ranking than on his regular season ranking because he thinks they are a very clutch team that has the experience to perform in big matches
  • Zaroide went for a 5/3 split for the playoff top 8 for NA/APAC (since we don't know the format for the playoffs)
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Additional Point(s) :

  • Benbest is pretty high on Piggy: "Their (Houston) tank line is very strong on Ball and Monkey… I think Piggy is insane on offtank, Happy is incredible and the backline I don't really know… I don't know about Joobi, is he going to be a future FDgod or not?… but overall I think they have enough time to create synergy before the season <...> I think they will struggle on Rush, but they are good players that will beat teams like Paris, London and Vancouver easily"


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