Zarya Best Practise Guide – Analysis of Decay’s Zarya in OWL Playoffs

Content of the article: "Zarya Best Practise Guide – Analysis of Decay’s Zarya in OWL Playoffs"

Hey everyone, Mindful Gamer here and I am an aspiring Overwatch content creator. I have been making Overwatch content for over a year now and it has been really fun and the feedback extremely helpful!

Today I would like to share the Zarya Best Practise's Guide I made when analysing Decay's Zarya gameplay in the Overwatch League Playoffs. Decay and the Washington Justice went on a tear through the playoffs and I was super interested in finding out what made Decay's Zarya tick.

Here's what I found. https://youtu.be/GaNIjadPi4k

A summary can also be read below:

1. Don't B*tch Bubble

Decay always waits until the possible second to give teammates a bubble. I noticed he does this to ensure it isn't going to be wasted or baited out of him.

There is a big difference between a bubbling a teammate who has just started taking damage….versus one who you anticipate will take damage.

Some Zarya players in comp have developed a bad habit of immediately bubbling their Rein as soon as they walk into the choke. This may not always be the most optimal play!

There were many instances I found in which Decay waited so long, he finally decided to save his ally bubble instead of committing.

After watching many VODs of his gameplay, I did manage to find one or two instances in which he bubbled too early in the choke and the enemy team waited it out and punished after.

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The LA Valiant executed this game plan very well on Busan.

2. Right Clicks

Ever noticed that the enemy Zarya always happens to be 20% ahead of you in ult charge? Maybe it's because we're not right clicking enough!

Even at 0% charge, Decay is always spamming right clicks at choke points, getting every little bit of ult charge possible.

Graviton Surge is a very impactful ultimate and the quicker you can build up the better for your team!

Decay also uses his right clicks to boop players up in the air a little at close range. This was really cool to see as it helps him track character models far easier if they are in the air briefly.

Working on these two points alone can significantly improve our Zarya game play IMO! I recommend at least a week dedicated to each to truly get your head around the core principles.

3. Positioning

Basic rule for positioning for off tank is to stand slightly behind the main tank and ahead of your supports. You can easily bubble your main tank or turn and bubble your support that's just been dove.

I had to cheat and use clips of Choihyobin from Shock to show this off as Washington Justice rank the Zarya/Hog combo mostly.

However, as with any rule, there are many exceptions.

Highground. Decay really enjoys abusing high ground as Zarya on high charge. He can rain justice from above and pick and choose his bubble's more effectively too. HG also allows him to lob right clicks around or over enemy shields to help build his ult quicker!

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Flanking. When high charged, as Zarya, you are one of the most dangerous characters in the game. Decay obviously knows this and uses his personal bubble to take duels when at high charge.

There's obviously a lot of subtlety to positioning on each map and each team comp…but I will leave this to your personal discretion.

4. Energy

In my honest opinion, because I wasn't in Decay's voice chat (LOL), I think he was calling out his bubbles to teammates to get maximum value.

Who else knows the pain of bubbling a teammate that proceeds to back out of the engagement?

Once you have gotten into the habit of saving bubbles until the last second, you will be used to being high charged as Zarya.

Now it's a good idea to only use your personal bubbles for maintaining high energy, and saving ally bubbles as a 'get-out-of-jail free' card.

5. Graviton Surge

Not much to say here except Decay avoids Dva's and Sigma's where possible. Decay always grav'd 1-2 players the Washington Justice could easily follow up on.


If you've gotten this far, thank you very much! Please feel free to tell me how wrong you think I was on some parts, or what I could have added to make it more informational! I am always looking to improve my craft 😊

Happy 2021

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