Zarya Meleeing with Bubble Jump

The standard way to bubble jump is to look at the ground, jump and right click at the same time. As the title suggests, by meleeing right after bubble jumping, you go further up. The best way to show this is in Route 66 second point.

1st place to test this out yourself:

You have to melee double jump to get from the telephone boxes to high ground. It is impossible to regular bubble jump regularly from telephones to high ground

2nd place to test:

It is is possible to regular bubble jump from bridge to high ground but it is immensely more consistent by melee bubble jumping **IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU ARE LOOKING DIRECTLY AT THE GROUND WHEN MELEEING OR THERE WILL BE NO DIFFERENCE

Third way to melee double jump is to get back from spawn faster. Make sure you are looking at the ground when meleeing.

Hope this helps

EDIT: you can regular bubble jump as high as a melee bubble jump but melee bubble jumping is more consistent in give you that height if you dont have perfect timing.

EDIT 2: DEBUNKED! Hey guys so there's no actual bonus you get from meleeing. I believe it is because when you melee after right clicking, that melee causes a delay between right clicking and jumping so it gives me the illusion that meleeing actually did something. What's really happening is that I usually jump too early after right clicking. TLDR; my timing was off and this whole post is bs. Sorry about wasting your time and thanks to u/SpadeInTheDirt for debunking it.

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While meleeing after rocket jumping does not actually increase your vertical movement, personally it helps me get max height for rocket jumping. Getting the perfect timing for rocket jumping is hard beacuse you have to jump immediately after right clicking. By adding in the melee, it gave me the illusion that I was going higher when in reality, the melee made me jump more quickly after right clicking. Again sorry for the misinformation.

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