3v3 or PvE Mode to Deal w/ “Bad” Matchmaking?

Can EvilMojo please release content that helps circumvent the "bad" matchmaking issue?

I understand that matchmaking itself isn't flawed–it's the lack of players / huge skill gap in the players–but this issue is the root cause of two of the biggest complaints I hear about all the time.

  • Ranked matches are filled with throwers/trolls/smurfs? It's because the matchmaker is forced to pull in 5v5 and there are not enough players of equal skill to make equal games. Hence: You get 2 GMs + 3 Golds vs. 3 Diamonds + 2 Plats. And the issue here is that 3 golds can "throw"/underperform so hard that the game is not winnable for the duo GMs. Or the GMs hard carry and you're the poor platinum wondering why the hell you were put against GMs. Or you're the noob gold player doing nothing that game and randomly winning, meaning you learn nothing about playing the game well and had a boring time. Or you're the duo GMs who waited 15minutes for an incredibly boring game of stomping. LITERALLY A LOSE FOR EVERYONE.
  • Casual matches filled with stacks, and you're getting stomped or stomping? That's because a lot of players (especially the really high ranking ones) are tired of getting bad teammates and losing because of them. Facing a stack as a solo player is extremely unfun, but also not playing in a stack is equally unfun. The really messed up kicker here with casuals is that the better you perform, the WORSE your teammates actually become in order to balance out your ELO. In other games, you're suppose to get higher quality and more rewarding games the higher skill you achieve, but in Paladins, you get the exact opposite. Matchmaking effectively punishes you for playing well, and that is a horrible, horrible situation for players to be in. Hence, the high frequency of stacks.
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The obvious ideal solution would be to increase the playerbase, but with these two issues above, Paladins is bleeding players every day. Old players will end up getting salty and quit; new players won't do the research and instantly quit because "Paladins is a dead game" or "Paladins has horrible matchmaking". It's literally the worst of both worlds.

So here are some suggestions:

  1. Release a PVE Mode Something like Hearthstone's campaign or Overwatch's events / custom games.

This is NOT a weekly event where everyone queues up for an altered siege with some weird low gravity rules, but a whole dedicated mode with multiple scenarios. Imagine a Left 4 Dead 2 campaign within Paladins. Use the Realm Royale assets.

Why does this help? It's a non-competitive cooperative game mode to which players can truly make pre-mades to tackle predictable challenges. It's a fresh take using Paladin assets that is less conducive to toxicity (because you're playing with friends). Make it party only or don't, whichever way works. This will be a huge investment in development, but you scrapped e-sports in order to turn the battle pass into a time-gated battle pass. I understand that EvilMojo is trying to inflate player engagement / regular logins, but this trick doesn't make people actually want to play the game. A new casual mode such as this will.

  1. Release a 3v3 Mode (preferably lockout elimination) Basically Overwatch's 3v3 lockout elimination.
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This would be so insanely fun in Paladins since it truly rewards breath of play with lot more champions. The 3v3 mode is important here because matchmaker is forced to place fewer out-of-your-league teammates, which means MORE carrying power to you, which means fewer unequal matches.

I understand that the balance will be off, but that mode can just have its own meta. It's not the official ranked mode anyways.


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