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In this post (it’s a long post) I will attempt to redefine a Flank such they fit my idea of Flank fit for Paladins. I will try to do this while making them viable at all levels of play but not too overpowered. I will also try to keep the Flank’s play-style or character traits in mind when making these adjustments.

But first, here are some things you should know in order to make full sense of the rest of this post.

Why do I even want to change Flanks?

See this post if you are interested:

The general roles of a flanker would be to:

  1. Confirm kills by singling out a low HP opponent, getting a kill and safely retreating.

This would make them useful in situations where backline characters doing most of the damage don’t have the mobility to confirm their kills. Flanks could fill that role. (Sure some of them do that already but they aren’t necessarily the best at it. And they don’t all specialize in that role.)

  1. Annoy the enemy team by applying some form of debuff (weaker form of Crowd Control) to an opposing team during team fights. They could also annoy by giving themselves or their team some form of passive buff (Like increased ult charge rate or extra credits. I’ll try to stay away from giving them direct damage boosts that aren’t situational.)

In this way, they are like tactical supports instead of healing based supports.

  1. Flanks would also be able to do moderate damage even from range.

This is to ensure that they don’t have to dive their opponents in order to do damage. Instead, they’d be able to play with their team, apply some debuff/passive buff and then wait for an opportunity to confirm a kill.

All while doing decent damage.

Flanks would not be too ‘bursty’ or have high dps outputs and would not outdo damage champions in terms of DPS easily. Their DPS would be less than they are now.

De-buffs applied would not be countered with Resilience.

So basically,

I’d make it such that Flanks can have a role in an organized team that they are the best Class in the game at fulfilling. They can annoy the enemy team while their backlines do damage, and then react to chances for kill confirming once they see it.

They would not have to always dive opponents to be useful since they’d still be doing damage and applying debuffs throughout the team fight.

But if they catch an opponent on Low Hp, then they would be able to confirm the kill better than any other class in the game.


All the adjusted abilities, Talents, changed cards and miscellaneous qualities will be described. The only things that won’t be outlined will be the Projectile Speed (If applicable), Hurtboxes, Hitboxes and Ultimate Charge per shot as these would most likely remain as they are now.

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For the Loadout Cards:

· Any Card that wasn't mentioned would remain the same.

· Any Card that is replaced would be specified.


One last thing is that for most movement options (including dash abilities like Nether Step, Pounce, Whirl etc…) I will define the speed in units per second (ups). I worked out the ups speed values by using the defined units in training mode and a stopwatch.

I found that normal walking movement with no speed boosts ranges from 20 to 23 ups currently.

Here are some worked out APPROXIMATE speeds for varying champions that you can use for comparisons of any new speed values that are mentioned. These values were gathered with the champs in their normal skins and with NO movement boosting items, talents or cards. The values are averaged from 2-3 separate trials.

Ash’s walk = 20.6 ups

Inara’s walk = 21.2 ups

Viktor’s walk = 22.1 ups

Vivian/Raum/Evie walk = 22.22 ups

Meave’s walk = 22.4 ups

Ash’s Shoulder Bash = 266.67 ups

Reload time was found by timing reload animation 3 times and averaging the results

Tyra Reload Time at Deft hands lvl 1 = 1.34s

Feel free to correct any of these values if you have access to more accurate ones.

This post’s Flank is Talus of the Ska’drin


Hp= 2100 (Buffed from 1900)

This along with his relatively small hitbox should give him a bit more survivability when diving or escaping.

Movement Speed= 25.5 ups

This would give him the fastest walk in the game.

Effect1= Has a passive 5% Movement Speed buff when out of combat.

Coupled with his already fast base walk speed, this would make him a bit more difficult to outrun or chase down.


Damage Category= Direct Damage (Can headshot)

Damage= 90 damage every .095s (Nerfed from 110 every .095s)

Effective Range= 100u (Buffed from 45u)

So like most other Flanks that I have changed, he gets a reduced dps but an increase in effective range.

This makes it such that he doesn’t have to be close to you in order to do damage. The trade-off is that he does less damage overall. It would allow him to play a lot safer while still being useful.

Reload time= 1.5s

Blitz Upper

Damage Category= Direct Damage

Damage= Dash in any direction at a speed of 100ups. Dashing through an enemy does 600 damage.

This completely replaces the Punch he does as well as the knock-back it applied. It should be pretty fast and covers a decent range. Plus he can do it in any direction meaning he’d have access to some verticality.

It wouldn’t be as constant as what Andro has now but he’d still be able to use it when escaping to high ground in some positions.

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Effective Range= 70u

Effect1= Dashing through an enemy that has less than 50% health removes the effects of all of their purchased items for 2s.

So this debuff allows him to confirm kills on Low Hp opponents since they would not have the effects of their bought items. They’d have no Nimble, Haven, Rejuv or anything for 2s.

But it comes at a cost. He has to give up potential verticality to use it. He’d still have another way to escape though.

Cooldown= 7s (Buffed from 10s)


Effect1= Weapon fires 15% faster for 3s (Nerfed from 25%)

Effect2= Does not consume ammo for its duration.

Effect3= Weapon shots do 30% damage to shields and deployables.

This makes it such that he can be a shield breaker or deployable clearer while in his own back-line.

It gives him something to do in a team-fight. But the drawback is that, if he uses it to clear deployables or break shields, then he won’t have it to do damage against enemy players. Talus players would have to decide when and how they’d want to use Overcahrge to get as much value depending on the situation.

Also I am unsure how I’d want this to scale with Wrecker or Bulldozer. Diminishing returns should definitely affect it but I don’t know how much it should affect it. You can suggest something for this if you'd like.

Cooldown= 8s (Buffed from 10s)

Rune of Travel

Effect1= Place a Rune on any surface (similar to how you can spray on any surface) that lasts for 10s.

Effect2= Teleport back to the Rune by reactivating the ability.

Effect3= If the ability is not used, reset Rune of Travel’s cooldown.

So this would be his second escape option. The difference here is that he can place his Rune on any surface that you can place a spray on. So he’d be able to drop from ceilings or just position his Rune in a place that is difficult to detect and spawn camp.

True Power

Effect1= Reveal all enemies for 2s while channeling the ability

Effect2= Teleport to a revealed enemy and stun them for .5s

Effect3= If no enemy is selected, then regain 60% ultimate charge.

Not too different from how it is now except for the fact that you could use to as a mini Cassie Ult and then just not teleport and get most of it back.

It would no longer knockback or do 600 damage but there would be a small stun to help confirm kills.


Inner Strength- Using Rune of Travel heals for 600 and reduces the cooldown of Overcharge by 4s.

This was changed from what it is now because I think having Overcharge up constantly would make Talus a bit too strong.

Rune Recombination- Hitting an enemy that has been stunned by True Power with Blitz Upper will mark them. Teleporting Back to a Rune will cause both Talus and the marked enemy to be teleported.

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This is a new kind of ability that actually messes with your opponents positioning. It might be a bit too strong but he’d have to use 3 abilities; one of them being his Ultimate, in order to actually use it.

Flying Ska’drin wonder if anyone gets the reference– Hitting an enemy with Blitz Upper marks and reveals them for 3s. Using Blitz Upper during this time teleports Talus behind the enemy.

This helps him confirm kills even more than he already could. It’d be difficult to escape him once he wants to kill you.

Card Adjustments

Ancient Power: Reduce the cooldown of Blitz Upper by .5s for every ten consecutive shots landed while Overcharge is active. This card has a 1s internal cooldown. “2.5s at level 5”

Wekono’s Protection: Gain a 100 health shield when activating Overcharge. “500 health shield at lvl 5” (Replaces Reclamation)

Transient: Getting a kill 5s after Rune of Travel goes on cooldown resets its cooldown by 15%. This card would have a 20s internal cooldown. “75% at level 5”

Tenacity: Increase Blitz Upper’s travel distance by 10%. “50% at lvl 5” (Replaces Relic Affinity)

Spirited: Being on a 7 or higher Elimination Streak increases ult charge rate by 10% “50% at lvl 5”

And that’s it.

That is how I’d change Talus into a Flank fit for Paladins.

Feel free to share your thoughts on any of these ideas or anything that you’d have done differently.

If you’re interested and have nothing better to do, then you can check out similar posts that I have made for all Flanks except Zhin (who I’ll be doing next).

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.


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