A Few More Rework Ideas For Some of Paladins Worst Talents

Content of the article: "A Few More Rework Ideas For Some of Paladins Worst Talents"

So, surprisingly enough to me, my last go at suggesting some reworks for what I personally at least consider to be some of Paladins worst talents was surprisingly well recieved. With that in mind, and the fact Paladins has way more arguably terrible talents, Im back to suggest a few more reworks.

Flair Khan, Primus of House Aico

  • Vortex Grip
    • Old Effect: Targets hit by Commander's Grab are Stunned for an additional 1.2s.
    • New Name: Vortex Strike
      • New Effect: Commanders Grab no longer stuns and throws an enemy. Instead, Commanders Grab increases the distance of Khan's Grab from 50 units to 70, as well as the speed at which he dashes by 20%, pierces through targets, dealing 400 damage to any enemy hit and knocks them backwards up to 85 units.

Vortex Grip as it currently exists is just an annoying talent that basically forces a Resilience purchase for the enemy team. It doubles the time a target remains stunned and makes a kill much easier to gaurantee with little to no trade-off. The idea behind this rework is to give Khan a potential means to control a crowd and perhaps clear a point by charging in with a faster punch to send everyone back off. He sacrifices some damage, but for this, he has the capacity to hit multiple enemies instead of just one and force them back, either into an enviromental hazard or just generally away from his current position, and he gains a faster movement ability that also takes him further.

Flair Skye, The Twilight Assassin

  • Debilitate
    • Old Effect: Increase the damage done by Poison Bolts by 25% and the rate at which they deal damage by 100%.
      • New Effect: Poison Bolts now has 2 charges, but each use only fires a single bolt (with a 6s cooldown). Each bolt deals slows for 40%, and deals 300 damage across 3s.
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Right now, Debilitate is just a talent that allows Skye to deal marginally more damage, and at a faster rate. But as far as playstyles it opens up, all it does is let Skye be more threatening to tanks, but otherwise brings nothing interesting to the game. The idea behind this rework is to make the talent live up to its name. Instead of being used to just melt through enemies, it can instead be used as a means of slowing enemies down, letting Skye chase them or just generally making them easier targets to hit.

  • Preperation
    • Old Effect: Killing Blows reset your Cooldowns and Heal you for 500.
    • New Name: Vanishing Act
      • New Effect: Smoke Bomb no longer creates a cloud which grants Skye stealth upon entering. Instead, Skye will teleport to wherever the Bomb lands. When she teleports, Skye leaves a 25 unit poison cloud behind in her place that lingers for 4s, dealing 150 damage over 1 second.

One of the things that really holds Skye back is her lack of any kind of vertical mobility, or heck, even the ability to just cross gaps in a short amount of time. Most if not all better flanks, particularly Evie, Maeve and Androxus have these kinds of capabilities which grants them versatility (and generally good mobility) which Skye doesn't possess. With that in mind, this talent is designed to give Skye this kind of potential. It could be used either as a general mobility tool to get around, or as uniquely interesting disengagement option, as a Skye could sneak up on an enemy, hit them with some bolts and then teleport out whilst leaving behind a deadly cloud.

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Flair Tyra, The Untamed

  • Mercy Kill
    • Old Effect: Nade Launcher has 3 charges.
    • New Name: Launcher Nade
      • New Effect: Nade Launcher has its damage reduced to 350 (and no longer deals self damage to Tyra.) Instead, the Grenade applies a knockback launching either Tyra or an enemy up to 85 units away from the Grenade. Nade Launcher has 2 charges.

So the idea here is to give Tyra a talent based around a more mobile style of play, and / or displacing enemies. Tyra is another champion that lacks mobility, and whilst it doesn't necessarily hold her back in quite the same way it does with Skye (mostly because Tyra has strong point control and above average health for her class) it does still leave new possibilities for playstyles open for her. The idea behind this talent is basically let Tyra rocket jump around the map if used on herself (which is why the self damage has been removed) or displace enemies into enviromental hazards and the like.


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