A friendly public service reminder that many (if not most) people play casual matches to win. Please try to be considerate of that and use training matches if you’re just looking to goof around.

I realize not everybody agrees with me on this. That's why I'm framing it the way that I am. Even if YOU don't feel that casual matches "matter" (in the same sense that ranked matches "matter"), your opinion is not the only one that counts, as there are four other people on your team.

So if you unilaterally decide that this match is "just casual" and therefore fair-game for intentional throwing, you're being incredibly insensitive and inconsiderate toward your fellow squadmates, most (if not all) of whom are actually playing to win. We may not be going all-out as much as we would in ranked, but we still try. Ranked matches take fucking forever to get going and many of us just don't have the time for that. Does that mean we should not be allowed to have a fun, competitive match simply because some of you feel that such a match "doesn't matter"? That's the message these players are sending, whether they realize it or not.

I just had 3 matches in a row where both tank and healer refused to cap because "it's just casual". In one match, the two of them never even left their mounts. They just rode around spamming laughter emotes. You can't leave casual matches early, so this just wastes everybody's time.

If you're just looking to screw around like that, PLEASE use training matches for this!!!! If I'm in a training match trying to level up and my team won't help, I can just leave the match and join a new one. You can't do that in casual, which means any of your teammates who were expecting to play an actual match will have to wait until the current one is over. There have been many occasions where I only had time for one match and I never got to play it because some inconsiderate jerk unilaterally decided none of us should care whether or not our team wins.

So please, regardless of whether or not you feel that casual matches "matter" (whatever the hell that even means), please be considerate of those who do care about the match outcome. They don't have the option of leaving so you're basically imposing your view and not giving them a choice in the matter.

And while this may not be a very compelling point, I do feel it's also worth mentioning that, aside from the subjective word "casual", there is nothing in the game that actually says these matches don't "matter" or in any way even implies that it's expected that players shouldn't try to win. On the contrary, casual wins/losses are tracked in your profile history along with ranked (training matches aren't included) and they count towards your "total wins" stat. Also, again, you can't leave casual matches like you can training. So this whole "casual doesn't matter" bullshit is just a made-up rule people use as an excuse to be inconsiderate of their squadmates, IMO.

I just feel this needs to be said here every now and then, as people seem to forget that not everyone subscribes to that viewpoint and you should always check with your teammates before deciding to throw a match. I mean, if they just came out and asked, I'd probably go along with it. It's when they try to make the choice for the rest of us that I start to object.



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