A Moji mains thoughts on moji (2021) (please do something with her hi-rez)

Hi. I've been playing paladins from 2016 onwards and ever since moji was released I played her and mained her. she was extreamly simple and easy to get into when i was on the newer side and I absolutely loved the design. i love unorthodox and so when your gun is a two headed lizard familar, that just screams out the ordinary. She was my first ever lvl 50 and i've scowerd the internet for all kinds of builds and strats to play her.

With that being said,I hate her.

Now thats probably not very suprising as its kinda a joke to say mojis are always just annoying for her dumb and increadably simple game play. but i dislike her current state for far more than just that.

I'm gonna start with my most objevtive views followed by some more subjective things. so its gonna have some opionons. but also some facts and analyisis as well.

So i lets start with her kit

Shes a flank champion with 2200 health (pretty average for most flanks)Her main weapon attack is a ball of spit that colides with her right click as a semi flamethrower that does low damage but makes "magic stacks". the stacks are what is suppose to make her the core diffrence from most championsthe fundimental as i call itin other examples Furias Fundimental is her wrath meter So mojis fundimental….is trashBasically how this works is that it supposedly rewards players who wait for stacks to mac out before you use your primary fire. but in reality this just makes people wait abou half a second before they hit someone with said fire. after you find out how to do that, congrats. you have now peaked in her skill. combine that with having the biggest hitbox out of all the flanks in the game and you have a charater that is very basic, boring and overall even a new player will see a much more interesting charater and and play them instead.

Now lets talk about her talentsSnack attack drops a snack that heals 900 every time you get an elimination . an ally can pick this up as well as you.

so whats good about this is that its probably one of her best talentswhats bad is that this probably one of her best talentsTo elaborate, this talent basically give a more supportive role to her team much like skyeBut where this goes wrong is that healing never works as well as you'd think due to everybody and thier grandparents buying cautso really instead of 900 its more something like 450. to add to this, this adds nothing to her potential as a flank. nor does it really change her core gameplay. someone who rusn Snack attack will play the same as someone who runs Boom boomSecondly. why is this on a flank? now i understamd flanks are more team players than most would initially think. but thats the thing

Flanks from what i undetsand are to use thier abilities to supprise the enemy while the team has them distracted. Im sure you've played video games.So where does anything in mojis kit do that?Please remeber this idea as im goin to be refering to this as we go over the rest of her kit.

Her second Talent is Boom Boom.when she uses her primary attack on somewho has maxed magic stacks (like you should), you do an AOE attack that does 75% of the damage you did to the original attacker.

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This talent might be her worst one, but honestly thats not saying alot considering all of thm are very lacluster. one might say its good crowd control and thats a very good point. lot of the time moji struggles in 2 v 1s or just team fights in general. so when this talent actually has some use in mid fights and will do decent. and to its credit its the only talent that makes me thnk shes an actual flank and not and off brand support. along side that it puts a tad more use to he fundimental of the magic stacks. so why is it the worst? well conseptually its awesome. but when put in practice whenever you are in a team fight or 2 v 1 the damage will not be reliable considering teams like to spread out and attack at all angles, so your talent becomes useless.

Now in my oppinion the last tallent Toot is the best. it leaves behind a cloud of healing to you and your team after using scamper. This actually works very well as it improves your get away which is very needed as your get away doesnt go very far and often just makes you get shot less for half a second as they have to redirect thier shots . but with this cloud healing you can last longer in fights and help the team if they're close enough. though this does fall back into the issue of being not a great support option. your team isnt going to always be around espessially as a flank. so really this is just to heal yourself. which seems to be the best way to play moji is a self healing sort of kit. is it good, fun, and rewarding? no not really.

Now thats he talents, lets talk about her base kit

Primary fire/Seondary fire
I bunched the two together because one needs the other to be sucsessful.
primary fires a single ball of spit and the secondary spews flames that add magic stacks over time.
Now subjectively this thematicly is my favorite part of her kit. it matches perfectly with the dynamic of having a two headed lizard. one must depend on the other if they want to be effective. now that being said
This is stupid. i can go in to the details of how the basic requirements are to wait for magic to max out then primary fire but thats the thing
That IS the details. theres no complexity to that and honestly is an extream waste of potential.
and fighting it is just as boring and unfun. all this kit premotes is walking into the enemy holding right mouse until the star is bright and then left click. its boring, unintuitive, and it dosent have any room for creative play. every fight with and as a moji is almost the same with the expection of when they use thier next ability

Magic Barrier
This is exactly as it sounds. a barrier. that protects you from damage for a few seconds. and its supprisingly her most complex ability in her entire kit. when anyone hits the barrier they are maxed on magic stacks. so dont hit her right? well thats the thing you can bait people mid fight who are targeting her while they're streaming bullets at you you pull the barrier when they least expect it. I say this like its super smart but honestly thats about it. in the end its just a few second break ina fight at worst and desent bait at best.

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Next is scamper.
and im about start a massive fucking rant.
I love paladins for many many reasons.
the movement is one of the best things about it
so why does a flank, argueably one of the most mobile champion types, have a simple dash…you go fowrad faster for half a second. This ability makes me want to unbind the entire button and toot is the only reason i would ever use this other than going faster. its boring, its dumb, and theres no skill cap what so ever. fuck this ability

Lastly her ultimate. snack time
She turns you INTO A MUTHERFUCKIN COOKIE and if she runs into you. you instantly die. dead. kaput. gone. not even terminus can ult back to life. let me explain why this ability is…..lackluster
Now first thing is. i adore the consept, its funny, cute, and it pretty much garantees a winning 1v1 if you hit it.
now the problem arrises. Why is this so hard to kill with this? well lets break it down
first you hit the ult
it fires a considerably slow projectile
it then has to hit the enemy when they arent CC immune or behind a sheild.

next you must chase the cookie while it runs away as you have a short time span before it turns back

this means the entire enemy team knows that for the next 10 or so seconds, your entire objective it to get to that player.

your enitre ult is ruined if the following happens.
you get slowed or stun but the 55% of enemy abilities
you slightly fuck up your scamper which this ult is completely dependant on.
an enemy gets in the way of you B-line to the cookie.

and thats only if you DO actually hit someone with the danm thing.
Now i hear people replying from a mile away "but its a insta kill ability of course it wont be easy to pull off"
and to that i simply say
her ult is a hit scan pull in that insta kills the target after a few second animation in which you are absolutely going to die if its a 1v1 and most likely 2v1 and afterwords its less possible at 3 v1 and onwards.
"But she has to stay still during the entire time!"
she has 3000 health durring this time. more than mojis at all times.

as a result mojis ult is far too much risk for a reward that other champs get way more easily

In conclusion mojis kit is boring, underpowerd, and uninteresting
Her hit box says tank, her kit says DPS and her talents say Support
With one ability saying "sorta flankish''

Now later on in this post im going to make some suggestions on how her kit could be better or re worked, but before that im now gonna say some more objective opinions and gripes i ahve with how evil mojo holds moji currently

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So you know how it a current joke that E.M. only does anything with like 10 champions and all the others are completely put in a dark corner and forgotten?
Well mojis a perfect example.
To prove this point i will name all the things that they have given moji cosmetic wise

she was given an 2 emotes and a MVP pose

Thats it

and thats two years out of the 3 she was actually out
Mind you that furia has sevral skins emotes and MVP poses in even LESS amount of time

what are they may use ask?

6 skins

3 emotes

3 MVP poses

i did not count recolors or mastery rewards things only furia has.

furia has gotten 3 times the amount of content and attention in moji and moji was released BEFORE her.

"people play and like furia more"
well i guess 70% of the rest of the playerbase who dont play maeve andro seris and jenos ect. will just go fuck ourselves then.

this a problem wirh skins overall and isnt limited to moji but is still a problem.

overall i think moji could use some much needed attention to adapt her to the current state of paladins in a way that makes her more fun dynamic and actually something people will want to fight with and aginst in games. I understand that nearing 50 diffrent champions one single charater isnt going to be thier main priority, but with hope she can be great.

some suggestions i have could be the following

Maybe turn her into a support champ like people suggested a few years back? her tallents would certainly aggree with that idea. im not sure how her kit would play out but it would be better than now

maybe make her mobility better? if she must stay a flank, maybe have her act more like one

This one i think is a must: Rework her primary and secondary fire. They do nothing but support brainless gameplay and no one likes it.

Overall i adore mojis design and consept. but her gameplay and over attention recived from Evil moji is extreamly lacking and i hope she gets better. i know what im asking for is quite the heafty plate but i feel like it should happen at some point.

let me know what suggestions you might have and ideas to make her more fun.

Thanks for listening to this dumbass rant.

1 gold= 1 snakc for Po-Li


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