A theory on who vora is

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I don't think the girl corvus was holding has anything to do with the darkness so hear me out when corvus was holding that girl, the crystal was already erupting as if it was unstable and blew up at that moment furthermore even if it was that girl atlas' arrival prevented her from being corrupted by the darkness because everything that happened after atlas arrived didn't happen in the original timeline i think how it went down in the original timeline was like this:

the fight between paladins and magistrate in the shattered desert ended up with the darkness releasing

but in the timeline in which atlas arrives he gives time for io to come and fight which results in corvus losing the battle against the paladins and he summons raum when he's so desperate but obviously he can't control raum so he's kicked from the magistrate and later tiberius comes to fight raum so theoretically in atlas' original timeline raum was still in the abyss and io never came to the battle so vora has to exist already corrupted by still sealed somehow when atlas arrives

now in io's teaser she keeps addressing herself as "we" of course she could be using we to refer to herself as a goddess or to her and luna but what if she means herself and vora ? what if vora was the other part of the moon ?

the darkness' first arrival was on the moon it came from either outer space or the void (since the devs already confirmed the darkness is not from the abyss and of course it's not from the pyre, jenos spoke of a darkness that'd consume everything) when the darkness arrived on the moon it shattered to many pieces we see only 1 piece that is not corrupted fall to the realm (io) while all the other pieces are corrupted and the darkness monster in trapped inside of one of them

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of course vora could end up being that girl corvus was holding near the unstable darkness moon crystal and she traveled back in time to insure that she rules the realm but that would so cheesy considering atlas spent almost his entire life working not he tech to travel back in time

i might have dug too much into this but this is my theory so tell me what yall think


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