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I read a few (a ton) of comments from those who are pissed that SOME (and I'd like to accentuate that) people managed to farm a lot of bounty store coins. I understand why you may feel mad about it, but I also feel that the problem itself is overexaggerated. Yeah, it's unfair for those who didn't get any extra coins, but let's look a bit differently at the problem.You're scared of what? That someone will buy all the skins? That shit is expensive, bro, no matter how much you farmed (in the most cases, for those who have +10k isn't that much of a deal). And even if most players would buy every skin that came out the exact moment they appeared in the store, do you even want all those skins? Let's be honest, as cool as this feature is, there weren't that many great skins and when there were, they were spread enough for someone to get them. Of course, I don't really know who everyone wants, some may like the skins I don't like or they play a champ I don't and they want a skin for him/her, so I admit that some people didn't really get all they skins they liked because they didn't had enough coins.Most of the people got about 300-600 more coins than they had, so you won't see every skin fly off the shelf, especially because most skins that appeared were in quantities of 10-15k, with a few that were in quantities of 5k.A good example of a skin flying off the shelf was Archangel Tyra, but this happened before the bug, so if a good skin appears, it will disappear extremely fast, no matter if someone glitched to get 500-1000-3000-10000 coins.Now, two last points I'd like to address:

  1. People are angrier at this problem than when some people lost their coins because how fucking bugged the shop is, which is a bit sad since they had few coins and even those were took away. I didn't see this much of a push to get people's coins back so there's justice for everyone.
  2. People are angry because others used something that was in the game instead of being angry at the devs that are so careless with this feature. I would understand if this was their only bug linked to the bounty shop, but coins disappearing, skin not appearing, multiple skins being purchased, prices charged being different etc. I feel like all these bugs should unite us to demand a good and stable game, not divide us. This level of incompetence should not exist in a game, free or not, especially around a feature that is meant for those who cannot support the game, but still want skins for their favorite champions. Why is there more care given to their chests, their packs and that deal of the day and little to no love given to this feature? I know it doesn't bring them money directly, but it brings them player activity, which is still a lot.
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I don't even care if they took all the coins back, but at least put that Andro skin back because many people want it and don't give that excuse of a Viktor skin.Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.


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