Atlas Ultimate rework idea

Content of the article: "Atlas Ultimate rework idea"

I personally think atlas ult is the weakest of all the frontline ults, and is one of the reasons for his low win rate even in diamond+ elo

Although people argue his ult is high skill cap and can be used for banishing healer or banishing people before they reach the point, I think these uses are very niche for an ult which is one of the slowest charging ults in the game and it rarely gets any value even in pro play

I wanted to suggest like a 6 sec time slow for all the enemies , but it won’t happen because evil mojo won’t spend resources and tech that goes into it for one of the least popular champion like atlas ( he hasn’t gotten a skin since his release) .

My rework suggestion :

 Upon activation of ultimate Atlas punches his chrono cannon and all enemies within 250 units of Atlas get banished ( for reference it is 50 units less than Maeve ultimate range and is aoe like her ult) Banished Duration reduced from 4s—> 3s ( duration further reduces with resilience) The reduced banish duration helps you time your fully charged shot better and gives breathing room for your team in a chaotic team fight , helps all enemies from touching the point during overtime situation, you can save teammates if you time ur ult well 

Counterplay: This ultimate rework idea is not as op as you guys think and can be countered, Atlas yells Your Out Of Time when u activate it and you have a 1.5 sec window to use any cc immunity abilities like zhin’s billow, Vora’s obliteration , moji’s magicbarrier etc. as well as counter ulting ( most ults have cc immunity) to avoid getting banished at all .

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THANK YOU for your patience for reading it through , I really think this will help his ult feel a lot better and justify its super slow ult charge rate , it is easy to implement as well

P.S: Remove f*** lockouts from his abilities and revert second chance nerfs

Ultimate animation : Credits: Gandalf is Insane


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