Auto-Aim Lord Viktor vs your 4 champions. How do you achieve victory?


You are up against a NASA grade AI controlling Viktor; you're mission is to deduce a way to beat an enemy that always knows where you are, can land perfect headshots within pico seconds, and is well verse in the art of zig-zag.

AALV's behavior:

😡 AALV will RELENTLESSLY target any hostile(s)! Those with the highest HP will automatically be targeted over others until said hostile is no longer targetable.

🤫 AALV CAN NOT/WILL NOT touch ANY OBJECTIVE. AALV's priority is the elimination of any and all hostile(s).

🤓 AALV will use cover to the best of it's ability. Prefering to take shots from afar AALV will only charge a hostile(s) if they're below 15% of their maximum HP. Should AALV come within 8 unites of it's target it will either persist as normal or until AALV's own health drops to below 15%. In which cade AALV will retreat back to a safe distance and will not fire until the threshold of 30% health has been met.

To keep things fair, AALV will be running cardio, with life rip 2, Cauterize 2, nimble 3, and finally haven 2. AALV will be using the base Viktor loadout.

THE CHAMPIONS. Only 2 items can be bought and only be rasied to their 2nd level.

1: "My snake likes you…"

Mal'Damba Unique interactions: AALV will have a 30%-60% chance to dodge Mal'Damba basic fire, a 5%-20% chance to dodge a snake reload, and a 0.01%-5% chance to dodge an ultimate because none are hit scanned so therefore, predictable travel time. AALV will not stand in groud.

2: "You have much to learn young hatching."

Makoa Unique interactions: AALV will shoot anything provided it has health but it will still generally follow it's absolute health rule. AALV has a 10%-25% chance of dodging Makoa's basic fire, 5%-15% chance of dodging shell spin, and a 10%-45% chance of dodging dredge anchor.

3: "Why did the huntresses' hair look so good? She."

Tyra Unique interactions: AALV will not stand in fire. If marked by hunter's mark AALV will contuinely run about until the mark wears off. AALV has a 1%-20% chance of dodging nade laucher.

4: "I can't get any better!"

Skye Unique interactions: AALV will not shoot Skye whist she is in stealth but will always know her exact position regardless. Should Skye come into 5 unites of AALV it will open fire. AALV has a 10%-15%(Repeating.) chance to dodge. AALV has a 90% chance of dodging Skye's time bomb.

The main map is Stone Keep.

Notation Please note when I say "Dodge" I really mean attempt to dodge. If the AALV is attempting dodging then it WILL dodge an attack. The percentages more so tell if it will attempt to dodge. 2 things to note.

AALV dodging Tyra's nade laucher is possible but the splash explosive afterwards is debatable since AALV is dodging the projectile itself.

Skey's poisons are confusing for me because all 3 can be shot at the same time but not at the same position.


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