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Hi all friends.

I was looking for information to find out if the Androxus + Viktor skin was a bug or an extra skin for the first 1000 buyers.

Finally I thought that maybe there was some information about it on the official wiki of Paladins, and indeed, there they explain that there is only 1 skin per 72-hour rotation, and the list of all the skin that have come out on the Bounty Store. The Androxus skin is not found in the list, making it a BUG.

I hope this helps someone who has this question, because it helped me, I am sorry for my bad English, I hope I have explained myself correctly.

I leave here the information and the link:

The Bounty Store is a Special Store that hold a past selected Cosmetic Item for 72 hours. It can be found in the in-game store tab. By finishing daily quests, players with linked accounts gain 📷 Bounty Coins which can be used to buy limited-time skins. The price of these skins fluctuates, and they only stay in the store until supplies last.<1>


How the Bounty Store works

The Paladins Bounty Store uses the basic principles of supply and demand in a way that makes getting skins not just a matter of currency, but also of timing. The store only offers one skin at a time, and there is a limited supply of copies of that skin which players can buy. After 72 hours, the skin is replaced by a new one, regardless of whether all the “existing” copies were sold or not.

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During those 72 hours on the virtual shelf, the skin’s price will change in two ways. First, it will continuously decrease over time — the longer the skin is in the store, the more the price will drop. However, as more and more players buy the skin, thus reducing its virtual availability, the price will also increase.

This has two immediate effects. First, heavily sought-after skins that the Paladins community loves will go fast and wind up with a higher price. Second, the bounty store will likely not affect the perceived value of exclusive and rare skins, as their costs will naturally be higher, and the quantity of copies sold is capped<2>.

How to use the Bounty Store

All you have to do to gain access to the Bounty Store in Paladins is link your Hi-Rez account<3>.

In a nutshell

The Bounty Store features a limited quantity of a single skin that rotates every 72 hours. Skins inside the Bounty Store are priced on one of two ways:

  • Increasing Price

The Bounty Coin cost of the skin start out low, and as players purchase the skin and the number available goes down, the price will increase.

  • Decreasing Price

The Bounty Coin cost of the skin start out high, and each day the price will decrease.


Items that were available in the Bounty Store. Sorted from new to old.


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