Calamity Patch Notes and Megathread

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Season 4 Patch Notes & Megathread

NOTICE: These are NOT the official Patch Notes. As long as you can read this notice, the following patch notes are not official.

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Flair Frontline
Health: **

Name Skill Type Description Cooldown
Name DamageType Description
Name DamageType Description
Name DamageType Description
Name DamageType Description
Name DamageType Description


Name Ability Description Cooldown
Name Ability Description
Name Ability Description
Name Ability Description
Name Ability Description.


Flair Champion

  • ()
    • Unlocked with


  • Item Name
    • Item Description

Gameplay & System Updates

Section Name

Section Details


The Season Pass has

Content only obtainable from the Season Pass

  • ()


Section details



Season 4 – Name

Season 4 Ranked Rewards

  • Play 100 Games

    • Limited Title
  • Play 200 Ranked matches

    • ()
  • Reach Gold 5 or higher

    • Season 4 Loading Frame, awarded at the end of Season 4
  • Players that reach Grandmaster during Season 4 will instantly receive the limited title – Season 4 Grandmaster.

Split 1 – Name – Rewards

  • Play 15 Ranked matches

    • Gold Chest
  • Play 50 Ranked matches

    • ()

Format Changes

  • All players have been soft-reset for Season 4

Ranked Map Rotation

  • Each split, maps will either be in the active or reserved map pool. Reserved maps will not appear while playing ranked during that split. Each new split will see some maps rotated between the active and reserved pools. For Season 3, Ice Mines and Timber Mill will be rotating into the active map pool, while Fish Market and Warders Gate will be rotating out.

Active Maps

  • Map Name

Reserved Maps

  • Map Name

All maps now have an equal chance to be played.

Season 4 Loading Frames

Players who reached at least Gold during Season 4 will receive a Loading Frame based on their highest rank achieved:

  • ()
  • ()
  • ()
  • ()
  • ()


Item Store

  • Starting Credits
    • Increased starting credits 400 ➡️ 450




The Hunt

  • Description


  • Description


  • Description

Under Investigation

  • Description

Public Test Server

Information on how to access the Public Test Server can be found ().


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