Can’t play it so I’ll be adding supports to the game. Enjoy .

Fringilla – The Sorcerer (Support)


  1. Abilities
  2. Talents
  3. Cards
  4. Voice lines
  5. Kill taunts
  6. Notes


  1. Lore

Born from the strange union of an elf and an enchanted spirit, Fringilla carries the ancient heritage of elves and the powerful gift for magic. Under the guidance of Karne, The Grand Magister, who picked her up as his apprentice after a devastating and mysterious event destroyed her village as a child, she managed to use crystals to canalize her magic.

Now as the Magistrate’s crystal law enforcer, Fringilla carries more than a birthright for sorcery, she carries a responsibility to keep powerful crystals away from common folks and a big doubt about what really happened that night.

  1. Abilities

Primary fire: Magic Channeler

Releases magic missiles every 0.6 seconds dealing 410 damage.

Passive: Every three shots after a 1 second delay, Fringilla automatically releases a magic leak from her crystal. If the leak impacts on an ally, they will receive 250 health, an additional 187 every second over 4 seconds and an increased fire rate of 10 % for the healing duration. If it impacts on an enemy, they’ll receive 350 damage and a random effect that could be speed reduction of 20%, blindness or reduced fire rate of 15% for 1 second… or instant death (ok maybe I’ll nerf the speed reduction later).

Secondary fire: Crystal Crack

Concentrate your magic on a single location to heal allies and damage enemies. Crystal Crack has 2800 health and consumes 150 every second it remains active, heals 300 to each ally and damage 175 to each enemy. Reactivating Crystal Crack will cause a burst of healing and damage but its effectivity will be reduced by 40%. This ability has a range of 85 units and a 40 units radius. The more it is consumed the smaller the radius becomes. Cooldown of 7 seconds.

First ability: Magistrate’s Fortress

Fringilla releases a quadrangular fortress around her with a 150 units diameter. All enemies inside receive 300 damage and are crippled while they’re inside, each time they cross the walls they’ll receive the same amount of damage. Lasts 5 seconds. Cooldown of 15 secs.

Movement Ability: Secret Exit

Target a structure and mark an invisible door on it. It has two charges that must be used to be activated. Both doors must be created within the maximum range of 200 units. Once both doors are correctly placed, Fringilla will access the second part called Secret Pass. Standing within 30 units of any marked door will allow her to create two connected portals on both doors that can be used for both teams. Once Secret Pass is activated it’ll remain fully open for 5 seconds and can be closed by reactivating the ability. Marks of unopened portals are affected by illuminate. Cooldown of 12 seconds.

Ultimate: Unleashed Chaos

Leave behind your container and unleash the magic inside you, take your place above everyone else while gaining 20% increased fire rate and damage/healing for magic leak for 5 seconds. While you’re suspended, you’re damage and crowd control immune. Every time you release a magic leak, a second one is released but its effects are reduced by 50% and no longer adds status effects, moving straight to the closest ally or enemy.

  1. Talents

Battlemage: Crystal Crack’s healing and damage per second is increased by 50%.

Crystal or Lead: Damage done by Magic Leak and its status effect duration is increased by 30%. But its healing is reduced by the same percentage.

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Karne’s apprentice: Magistrate’s Fortress’ diameter is increased by 10% and benefits from its cards in your loadout now also benefit allies inside the fortress during activation by 60%. Its duration is reduced by 2 seconds.

  1. Cards

Crystal Crack

Nightmares: Gain {16|16}% lifesteal on Crystal Crack.

Enchanted Blood: Reduce the Cooldown of Magistrate’s Fortress by {0.7|0.7} for each unique enemy affected by Crystal Crack.

Crescendo: Effectiveness penalty when reactivating Crystal Crack is reduced by {5|5}%.

Untamed: Increases your allies' or your own Movement Speed by {7|7}% while inside Crystal Crack.

Magistrate’s Fortress

Bookworm: Heal for {120|120} over the duration after activating Magistrate’s Fortress.

Grand Magister: Gain {4|4}% damage reduction while you’re inside Magistrate’s Fortress.

Walls and Secrets: Increase Ultimate Charge by {0.5|0.5}% for each ally inside Magistrate’s Fortress during activation.

Outcomer: While inside Magistrate's Fortress, your healing received from Crystal Crack is increased by {50|50}

Secret Exit

Ancient Key: Secret Pass opens and closes portals {10|10}% faster.

North Breeze: Gain {7|7}% increased Movement Speed for 3 seconds after crossing a portal. Doesn’t affect if used more than once on the same open portal.

Churchyard: A door is created on the furthest structure behind you and a second one on the closest structure, within range, after dropping to or below 45% Health. Cooldown of {60|-12} seconds.

Riffraff Dungeon: If an enemy approaches a portal by {20|20} units it’ll start closing. Cooldown of 30 seconds.


Sleep Paralysis: Reduce your active Cooldowns by {10|10}% after getting a Killing Blow.

Destructive Event: Increase your maximum health by {70|70}.

Karne’s Plan: Increase your Healing received by {8|8}% while at or below 45% Health.

Ancient Heritage: Reduce Crystal Crack Cooldown by {0.4|0.4} by hitting an enemy or {0.6|0.6} by hitting an ally with Magic Leak.

Health: 2100.

Movement Speed: 22 units/s

  1. Voice lines

Champion Select: "Fringilla".

Match Start: "Don't make me lose control".

Introduction: "This whole war would have been avoided if only they had given up their crystals, but here we are" and "Those people are following a blind leader, avoid excessive force. We are here only for their crystals".

Mounting up: "Not a good horse rider, but I'll try" and "Leave me and run away. This’ a dangerous place"

Using Magic Leak on an ally/enemy: "Do you feel it?", "Phew!", "Chaos will decide" and "I can’t hold it!"

Using Crystal Crack: "Crystal magic shall save you!", "We can make it! Together!" and "Let me assist you"

Using Magistrate's Fortress: "You can't enter magistrate's property", "Authorities on their way, stay here" and "This fortress needs a dungeon"

Using Secret Exit/Pass and opening portals: "Don't forget where you placed it Frin", "Let's route our scape", “This is perfectly located”, “Wouldn’t have chosen a better place” "This way!" and “Take advantage while it lasts”

Unleashed Chaos: Ally: "They chose the hard way". Enemy: "Now you'll see real magic"

Taking Damage: “Stop!”, “Ok. Now I’m angry” and “Fine, let’s fight”

Death: “Here I go mother" and “I’ve failed my due”

First Blood: “I told you to surrender your crystals!”

Kill Streak: “Now there’s no going back”, “You aren't allowed to wield this power” and “The Magistrate’s Army will show no mercy to outlawers!”

Ally with Kill Streak: “Death should not be celebrated”, “The Grand Magister thanks you for your service” and “It is a teamwork, but you excel us”

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Taunt: “They have impressive abilities but not enough to defy Karne’s will”, “Some birds are not meant to fly” and “If only you knew what I can do when I lose control”

No jokes because I’m not good doing that, she neither so

  1. Kill taunts

Tyra: “What are you seeking redemption from? From abide the law?”

Lian: “Sorry princess, Magistrate's orders are life or death commands”

Terminus: “What an abomination he created, rest in peace Terminus”

Evie: “So you imprisoned an elemental in a crystal? Impressive, maybe you’re not as crazy as I thought”

Khan: “You didn’t manage to protect yourself, how are you supposed to protect House Aico?”

Corvus: “He always saw me as his daughter, one better that you in every way”

Furia: “I’m sorry for what he did, but that made you stronger. That’s better than a living sister”

Seris: “So you’re the one who tricked Corvus? Don’t flatter yourself, you don’t need skill to achieve that”

Buck: “A renegade thug monk, you are so many things and you aren’t good at anything”

  1. Notes

Lore: Just added a bunch of things to make her look interesting, didn’t manage to find a way to say it there but her parents died during that event and her village wasn’t Seris because Corvus is a little older than her. I’m not a fan of Fringilla from the witcher but Corvus is a genus of crows and ravens so wanted her to have a name related to birds too.

Primary fire and passive: wanted to have a magic leak as a way to prove crystals can’t canalize her full potential. Crystal Channeler has a range limit of 250 units and a projectile speed of 350. Magic leak has same range limit and a projectile speed of 460. Doing numbers, Fringilla has the potential to heal 850 every 2.2 seconds with magic leak and her healing lasts 4 seconds, she cannot give the increased fire rate to an ally that’s already being healed over time (and ofc has increased fire rate) so she gives increased fire rate every other heal (if heals an ally two consecutive times). For the random part against enemies, I was thinking about 30, 20 and 50% chances, same order as mentioned earlier. Each shot generates 1.9% ultimate charge and 2.7% for magic leak. Magic leak acts as a weapon shot bc it can be used as an offensive and supportive ability so it doesn’t go through shields. Visual: With each shot the crystal on her weapon gets brighter and starts to shake, once the magic leak is released it goes back to normal. I have no idea how it’ll look like, a wand? A flying thingy with crystals on it? Give me ideas creative humans pls.

Crystal Crack: some enemies’ deployables like Io’s Luna, Ying’s illusions and Imani’s dragon count as bodies inside the crack and their presence on Crystal Crack won’t heal Fringilla or reduce Magistrate’s Fortress if using Nightmares and Enchanted Blood cards respectively. Fringilla can be healed by Crystal Crack. The radius is reduced up to 10 units maximum at its lowest health.

Magistrate’s Fortress: it isn’t a shield. 5% ultimate charge for every enemy affected. Cripple and card effects are effective as high as the fortress goes. It takes 0.7 seconds to fully release it. Doesn’t build through walls. Needs to stand completely on ground. Won't go into cooldown until it ends. Visual: Probably red and looking like atlas’ shield, as high as Inara’s Impasse.

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Secret Exit: It takes 1 seconds to fully open it and close it. . Opening and closing time are not included on the 5 seconds it lasts. Won't go into cooldown until the portals are fully closed.

Unleased Chaos: You’re CC and DMG immune while in the air, but only CC immune while ascending which takes 2 seconds. Time while ascending not included on the 5 secs ultimate. You can’t move either. Cannot gain ultimate charge for doing damage for the duration. You can only shot your primary fire during Unleashed Chaos but preactivated abilities will remain active. The increased fire rate doesn’t affect magic leak’s delay. The second magic leak won’t chase the ally or enemy who received the original leak, won't recieve the 20% increased healing or damage either. You consume 30% ultimate charge while ascending and 70% once you reach your highest altitude. You can’t capture or push the payload while in the air. Visual: You no longer use your weapon and your shots are from your hands, switching hand every shot and both hands for magic leak.

General: I wanted to give her the chance to be a healer, a damage or something in between only by changing her playstyle. I sacrificed her healing and health to give her that 5s damage immunity during ultimate because I really wanted her to look cool on her ult. About combining Karne's Apprentice talent (gives magistrate's fortress cards effects to allies) and Walls and Secrets card, I know that card can be pretty OP if all her teammates are grouped so I reduced all effects by 40%, all 5 teamed up doesn't happen very often but can easily be countered by forcing them to split, champs like Drogoz, Willo, BK and a few more can easily make Fringilla retreat. Gave her few selfsustain so people don't overuse that card and focus on giving her lifesteal, more selfhealing, damage reduction, more health but in a way it can still be viable.


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