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Flair Cassie

The Hunter's Daughter

Affiliation: Flair Resistance


Watching all her friends leave the Greenwood to join the fight against the Magistrate, Cassie lamented the curse that bound her bloodline to her family’s homeland. When advice from a mysterious oracle offered her an escape from her obligations, she jumped at the chance, even though she knew the sacrifice she made would haunt her. Taking nothing but her father’s enchanted crossbow and her faithful hunting bird, Zigs, she raced off to join the Resistance in their fight against the relentless Magistrate.

Class: Flair Damage

Health: 2200


Name Skill Type Description Cooldown
Crossbow Direct Damage Fire a crossbow bolt every 0.75s that deals 680 damage. Has a maximum Ammo count of 6 and is fully effective up to 300 units.
Disengage Crowd Control / Direct Damage Fire an arrow that deals 200 damage and applies a 1200 Knockback. Has a range of 300 units. 12s
Blast Shot Area Damage Fire an explosive bolt that deals 450 damage in an area. The explosion is fully effective up to 4 units and hits enemies up to 20 units away. 10s
Dodge Roll Mobility Quickly roll 40 units in the direction you are moving. 7s
Scout Debuff / Buff / CC Immunity Send your bird into the sky for 8s, Revealing enemies to allies and increasing your Movement Speed by 30%.
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Talents and Cards:

Name Ability Description Cooldown
Exaction Dodge Roll For 8s after using Dodge Roll, your next weapon shot's damage is increased by 30%.
Impulse Blast Shot Blast Shot has its damage increased by 150 and its Cooldown decreased by 2s.
Big Game Disengage For 4s after hitting an enemy with Disengage, your weapon shots deal an additional 8% of that enemy's maximum Health as damage.
Blast Shower Blast Shot Reduce the Cooldown of Blast Shot by {0.5/0.5}s for each enemy it hits.
Drain Life Blast Shot Heal for {75/75} over 2s for each enemy hit by Blast Shot.
Kinetics Blast Shot Generate {1/1} Ammo for each enemy hit by Blast Shot.
Megaton Blast Shot Apply a Knockback of {250/250} to enemies hit by Blast Shot.
Excitement Disengage Reduce the Cooldown of Dodge Roll by {1/1}s after hitting an enemy with Disengage.
Raze Disengage Increase the Knockback applied to enemies by Disengage by {8/8}%.
Sky Warden Disengage Heal for {125/125} after hitting an enemy with Disengage.
Territorial Disengage Reduce the Cooldown of Disengage by {1/1}s.
Incitement Dodge Roll Reduce the Cooldown of Dodge Roll by {0.8/0.8}s if you hit an enemy with your first weapon shot after using Dodge Roll.
Intense Training Dodge Roll Increase your Movement Speed by {10/10}% for 1.5s after using Dodge Roll.
Lunge Dodge Roll Increase the distance traveled when using Dodge Roll by {10/10}%.
Onslaught Dodge Roll Activating Dodge Roll heals you for {40/40}.
Somersault Armor Reset the Cooldown of Dodge Roll after dropping to or below {15/15}% Health. 15s
Tumble Armor Increase your maximum Health by {50/50}.
Fatal Sign Weapon Increase your Reload Speed by {12/12}% for 5s after getting an Elimination.
Quiver Weapon Increase your maximum Ammo by {1/1}.

You can find an archive of every Champion of the Week here.

Join us next week when we talk about Flair Corvus!


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