Champion Concept: Dez, The Encored

Oh wow, another concept. Jeez you ever gonna get bored of putting in so much work into something that no one will appreciate and you know isn't gonna get added. No, no I won't, fuck you inner demons, this is my gig.

Dez, The Encored

Estoy poniendo esto en español porque él es español.

Role: Utility Support


Dez would be a support not purely focused around healing, but mainly focused around altering between different buffs to impact their own and allies effectiveness. He is very fight dependent and gets the best value when being in the fray with his tanks and flanks while also being decently self-sufficient. A support that can occupy a similar niche as an off-tank if you will.


Health: 2200

Speed: 360

Passive: Mood’s

-Dez has 3 Moods, Calm, Energetic, and Passionate, each with a 45 unit range

-Calm heals you and allies for 3% of their max health per second (generates 2% Ult charge per ally healed per second)

-Energetic gives you and allies 30% increased move speed

-Passionate gives allies a non-stacking burn on hit of 150 damage over 3 seconds (generates 2% Ult Charge per person affected by your burn per second)

-A Mood can be extended and amplified by dealing damage

-Each time you hit an enemy/deployable with an attack, the Mood’s duration is increased by 0.5 seconds, the range is increased to 150% for 1 second, and the effects are increased to 133% for 1 second. This buff will be referred to as “amplified”.

Primary Fire: Bard’s Banjo

-Play your banjo, firing out homing musical projectiles

-Has dynamic damage values from 0.2 – 0.6 seconds after firing

-Deals 50 damage every 0.2 seconds, but the damage can build up to 300 at a max of 0.6 seconds

-When at max damage, firing also fires a second projectile after 0.1 seconds that deals 150 damage and has the same properties

-Projectiles travel at 180 units per second and have a max range of 180

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-Has a max ammo of 10 that regenerates over time when not in use (7 per second) and generates 3% Ult charge

Secondary Fire: Calm Tune

-Sets your Mood to Calm for the next 5 seconds

-Using gives an instant burst of healing to those in your Mood, equal to 20% of the targets max health (4% Ult charge per hit)

-7 second cooldown

Ability 1: Energetic Melody

-Sets your Mood to Energetic for the next 5 seconds

-Using causes you to jump 40 units in the direction you are moving, knocking enemies away from the point of activation

-9 second cooldown

Ability 2: Passionate Harmony

-Sets your Mood to Passionate for the next 5 seconds

-Using sends out a volley of 4 projectiles within a 0.4 second period. These projectiles deal 200 damage and have the same properties as your primary fire (3% Ult charge per hit)

-20 second cooldown

Ultimate: Anthem Crusher “Fore!”

-After 1.5 second, swing your banjo, dealing 90% of the targets max health as damage

-This has a range of 30 units

-This creates an strong explosion that knocks back you and enemies in a 50 units radius

-You cannot attack for 2 seconds after hitting someone (kinda messed up your banjo by using it as a bat you dip, now you gotta retune it)

-Refunds 40% charge if you miss and you don’t incur the 2 second penalty

Yes, that is Maeve, it is mandatory custom


In the Spotlight: Increase your fire rate by 40% while Passionate Harmony is active

Serenade: While Calm Tune is active, your projectiles target allies, healing them for 8% of their max health per hit. The cooldown for Calm Tune now begins on use

Life of the Party: While energetic melody is active, it becomes a new ability until deactivated. This has a 3 second cooldown and is the same as the on-activation jump.



Fortitude: Increase your maximum health by {50 – 250}

Crank it Up: Increase the range of your Moods auras by {5 – 25} units

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Tough Crowd: Increase your movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds when at or below {10% – 50%} health

All Night Long: Generate {1 – 5} ammo when using any ability

Calm Tune:

Song of Protection: Give all allies hit by Calm Tune {50 – 250} shield for 3 seconds

Bursting in Song: Reduce the cooldown of Calm Tune by {0.5 – 2.5} seconds

Slow Rise: Keep the effects of Calm for {0.4 – 2} seconds after switching away from Calm

Steadfast Strum: Give allies in the range of Calm a {4% – 20%} CC reduction

Energetic Melody:

Great Travels: Increase your move speed by an extra {3% – 15%} while Energetic is active

Exaggeration: Increase your jump height while Energetic is active by {12% – 60%}

Pep in the Step: The jump from Energetic Melody now goes {10 – 50} units up

Downtune: Slow enemies knocked back by Energetic Melody by 40% for {0.6 – 3} seconds

Passionate Harmony:

Heartstrings: Reduce the cooldown of Energetic Melody by {0.3 – 1.5} seconds each time you hit someone with the projectiles from Passionate Harmony

Fortissimo: Reduce the cooldown of Passionate Harmony by {1 – 5} seconds

Acoustics: Quickly reveal enemies in your Passionate radius every {2.5 – 0.5} seconds

Rising Notes: Increase the rate the Passionate burns deals damage by {10% – 50%} and reduce the burn time by the same amount


I wanted the main weapon to kind of feel like playing a rhythm game (because music reasons), which is why the timing of the weapon is so important. You don’t want to fire too early or you deal less damage and the longer you wait between fires, the less damage you deal per second. His passive is there to encourage aggressive play if you want to be at your highest effectiveness. Calm Tune allows him to soften enemy blows and aid his team if needed, but it shouldn’t be his main priority (unless your main healer in which feel free to play bootleg Grover the whole match). Energetic Melody gives him mobility and the ability to be more aggressive with his speed. Passionate Harmony aids his team by increasing their overall dps by 150 – 200 dps. Lastly, if his team isn’t aiding Dez, he can take matters into his own hands with his Ultimate to bash those stupid Maeve’s, who won’t leave me alone, right over the head. Of course this whole kit is mediocre on its own, but with a team to take advantage of it, it’s scary. Dez is just that, a team based character which rewards good play with powerful opportunities to take the advantage. And guess what that means, I’m done. This took a while to make because “holy shit, pinning down the gameplay for this guy was harder than a necrophiliac in a morgue” and I’ve been working on some other stuff completely unrelated to this whole gig. Feel free to say what you want about it because criticism is something I’m always open to. So goodbye, and always remember, someone locking in off-tank does not mean you don’t need a point tank I JUST WANNA PLAY RUCKUS WITHOUT BEING FLAMED FOR NOT TOUCHING POINT.

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