Champion Concept: Eidin, Commander of Luvenion (and holder of my favorite visual design)

This is by far the longest I’ve spent designing one of these. You wanna know the other reason Dez took so long, because I spent half the time working on this guy. I’m happy that this is finally done as I’ve had this idea in mind ever since I released Legion, which was quite a damn while ago since that was my first one. Oh yeah and about this taking a while, your gonna see why, because this is easily the most complex concept I’ve made. So let's go.

Eidin, Commander of Luvenion

Just a man and his dog, nothing to see here

Lore: (if your into that)

Eidin was a general for the magistrate, not more than a supreme commander, not less than a common soldier. As the war dragged on, he started to feel something, or a lack thereof. He started to lose his sense of purpose as all he did day after day was fight for something he had no say in. Eidin didn’t care if the people had crystals, but he also didn’t advocate for them. Any victory they had felt not like his, but of something completely unrelated to him. He had no point in the war, and as his only expertise, he decided to leave in search of his purpose. He wandered across grass and sand for a purpose, trying to find something. Eventually, as he wandered through the shattered deserts, he heard a voice. “We are both lost in this world. You find no purpose, and I, no guidance. But I have purpose, and you, guidance. Take up the blade and command me, and I will show you purpose, Eidin”. He found the source, a blade lodged into the ground with the inscriptions of an old clan, the Aurion clan, he once heard tales of. Taking up the blade, the power surged through him, he was no longer just Eidin, he was Eidin, the Commander of Luvenion. And together they set out on their purpose, to renew the lost clan of Aurion through any means necessary.

Role: Frontline


Eidin is not a tank. “Oh but why is he a frontlin-” I said Eidin isn’t a tank. The whole gimmick with Eidin is that his gameplay is split into 2 parts, Eidin and Luvenion. Luvenion is basically a summonable 6th player that you have to command. His whole kit is basically the idea of Eidin and Luvenion both being mediocre on their own, but together they become a truly terrifying force as the combination of their attributes silences the others weaknesses and amplifies each other's strengths.

Health: 2200 + (1300 Auric Health)

Speed: 345

Passive: Duality

-Your character is split into 2 parts, the playable Eidin and the controllable Luvenion

-Luvenion has 6000 health and a speed of 370, all damage dealt to them is turned to damage over 1 second

-Luvenion cannot take more than 1000 damage per second

-Luvenion is a player mechanic wise. It can cap, heal out of combat, be healed by other players, be affected by caut and life rip, trigger item effects bought by you, counts as a kill when killed, is NOT a deployable, etc.

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-While Luvenion is contained, you gain 20% move speed and your auric health can be healed back by any means (Out of Combat, self-heal, other players)

-This auric health decays at a rate of 500 per second while Luvenion is summoned

(Note: I’m starting with his second ability since it’s the most important)

Ability 2: Luvenion’s Command

-Use this ability to begin Commanding

-While Commanding, you now use Luvenion’s abilities instead of yours

-Use this ability again while commanding to either summon or move Luvenion up to 150 units away

(-Always summon Luvenion at max health and summoning/moving has an internal 2.5 second

-When moving Luvenion, the chosen area becomes their anchor

-Luvenion can only move 150 units away from their anchor, and will return to it if there is no target

-If the anchor is placed onto an objective, Luvenion will stay on the objective

-Attack while Commanding to contain Luvenion, empowering you

(-Performing this action gives you auric health based on Luvenion’s health when contained
(Luvenion’s Health/2 + 400) at a cap of 1300 and sets the cooldown of Luvenion’s Command to 8

(-This action automatically happens if Luvenion dies, and if Luvenion dies the cooldown is increased to 15 seconds)

-You cannot use your Ultimate while commanding, as it is now the cancel commanding button

-No cooldown

Primary Fire: Auric Caliber

Eidin while Luvenion is contained:

-Swing your blade, firing out a large dragon-like projectile every 0.8 seconds deals 700 damage

-Has a projectile speed of 200 and generates 2% Ult charge per hit

-Getting a kill with this attack resets the cooldown of Luvenion’s Command

Eidin while Luvenion is summoned:

-Swing your blade, firing out a burst of 3 beams in 0.1 seconds, each dealing 120 damage

-Has a fire rate of 0.6 seconds and generates 0.5% Ult charge per hit

-Hitting someone marks them to be targeted by Luvenion for 6 seconds (can only have one)


-If a target hasn’t been chosen by you, Luvenion will target the nearest enemy

-If the target is within 30 units, Luvenion strikes, dealing 500 damage 0.75 seconds

-If the target is outside 30 units or unreachable, Luvenion fires a volley of 4 dragon-breath projectiles that each deal 150 damage every 0.9 seconds that have a projectile speed of 600 and travel 200 units

-If Luvenion CAN get into melee range, they will, if they can’t, they will stay shooting

Secondary Fire: Auric Siphon / Gravitating Bellow


-Target an enemy within 100 units to deal 100 damage and draw their energy

-For the next 3 seconds, reactivate the ability to fire this energy, exploding in a 10 units radius

-This explosion deals 500 damage and heals allies for 600 health

-This energy has a projectile speed of 200 and generates 4% Ult charge on hit

-Not activating the ability after 3 seconds consumes the energy, resetting the cooldown of Auric Siphon and healing you for 900 health

-4 second cooldown


-Luvenion channels for 0.5 seconds and then bellows in an area, dealing 600 damage, pulling enemies in, cripples for 0.2 seconds, and decrease the damage they deal by 30% for 2 seconds

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-10 second cooldown and generates 3% Ult charge per hit

Ability 1: Auric Rush / Ethereal Charge


-Gain highly increased move speed of 300% for 1 second, while reducing your damage taken by 75% for the duration

-You have limited turning control while active and passing through enemies deals 300 damage

-12 second cooldown and generates 3% Ult charge per hit


-Luvenion charges to their target, moving 150 units per second and passing through all obstacles til it reaches them

-Upon hit, Luvenion deals 600 damage in the area, knocking up and stunning enemies for a second

-10 second cooldown and generates 4% Ult charge per hit

Ultimate: Dual Singularity “We fight as one!” (both say it at once)

-Call Luvenion to your side (counts as containing), granting you new strengths for 7 seconds: (

-Luvenions abilities

-Reduce the cooldown of Gravitating Bellow to 5 seconds

-Reduce the cooldown of Ethereal Charge to 3 seconds

-30% increased move speed

-6000 extra Auric Health

-Enemies within 150 units are revealed to you and you can use Ethereal Charge on them through walls

-Luvenion’s Command now slashes in front of you dealing 1100 damage in a 25 unit range )


Call of the Master: Luvenion deals 15% extra damage to a target marked by you, but reduces the target duration by 2 seconds

Ethereal Phalanx: Gravitating Bellow now gives Luvenion a 1500 health shield for 4 seconds and an extra 500 for each enemy hit

True Union: Increase your Ultimate duration by 3 seconds and increase the charge rate by 20%



Guardian Veil: Increase your maximum health by {100 – 500}

Dragon’s Touch: Gain {6% – 30%} lifesteal while Luvenion is contained

Loyal Soldiers: Increase the target mark duration by {0.4 – 2} seconds

Lost Wind: Reduce the cooldown of Auric Rush by {0.1 – 0.5} seconds every 150 damage you deal with Auric Caliber

Auric Siphon / Gravitating Bellow

Overarch: Increase the range of Auric Siphon by {20% – 100%}

Building Instability: Increase the damage of Auric Siphon’s projectile by {15 – 75} for each second you hold it

Tremble: Reduce the move speed of enemies hit by Gravitating Bellow by 50% for {0.5 – 2.5} seconds

Clan Rights: Reduce the cooldown of Ethereal Charge by {0.4 – 2} seconds for each enemy hit with Gravitating Bellow

Auric Rush / Ethereal Charge

Wanderers’ Trail: Increase the duration of Auric Rush by {0.1 – 0.5} seconds

Apparition: Reduce the cooldown of Auric Rush by {0.8 – 4} seconds

Dormant Power: Increase the stun duration from Ethereal Charge by {0.1 – 0.5} seconds

Matador: Luvenion heals for {120 – 600} health for each enemy hit by Ethereal Charge

Luvenion’s Command:

Master’s Domain: Increase the summon/move range by {15% – 75%}

Unwavering Control: Reduce the cooldown of Luvenion abilities by {0.3 – 1.5} seconds every second you spend using Luvenion’s Command

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Test of Time: Reduce the maximum damage per second Luvenion can take by {30 – 150}

Across the Dunes: Increase Luvenion’s move speed by {4% – 20%}


Ok did you get all that? Yes no maybe so, either way I’ll be going over it here. Eidin is not your normal Frontline, rather he gets his tankiness from Luvenion, his kinda player summonable friend. While Luvenion is not active, Eidin becomes his own one man army with good damage, moderate health, and decent mobility. But where he really shines is with Luvenion, his highly controllable magical dragon friend. Luvenion has high health and cannot be bursted down, while having the CC and free damage of Eidin’s kit. Eidin is mainly focused around keeping himself alive to command, while Luvenion is focused around severely disrupting enemies and dealing the bulk of the damage. This is shown with the abilities, to start, Auric Siphon. Auric Siphon is a dueling tool to deal extra damage and sustain you in a fight, or heal a buddy. Gravitating Bellow is Luvenion’s first way of stopping escape, by forcing enemies to stay close and provide Luvenion with a bit more tankiness with the weaken. Auric Rush is a solid escape, engage, and duel tool for Eidin, allowing him to tank powerful shots and deal some extra damage. Ethereal Charge is Luvenion’s second tool of stopping escape, forcefully shutting down enemies in their tracks and sending them up for easy hits. Luvenion’s Command allows you to control Luvenion very well and technically makes Luvenion the most mobile tank since they can teleport from one location to another. Lastly, Dual Singularity is that threat Ultimate that allows you to go ham and close off some kills if the situation calls for it.

Ok – that’s it. I’m gonna say this like I normally do, is this perfect? Pffft hell no, I’ve seen dumpster fires more perfect than this. But did I do my best to balance this nightmare of a text wall….kinda? Yeah, yeah I did. So feel free to say whatever you think about it. Will I be doing more, mmmmm maybe. It’s up to how I feel. I don’t have too many ideas fully thought out yet, and the only things I have are basically gameplay styles, so we’ll see. Until next time.


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