Champion Concept: Hilda, The Inventive

Drone Mommy


Harper would be a flank built around peppering enemies from a relatively safe location in order to find an opening, in which they can secure an area within enemy backlines and hold it, forcing enemies to deal with her first. She’s one of the harder to kill flanks, but is lacking is extremely high burst damage, rather playing as an attrition DPS. She also adds another deployable to the game, one that is extremely worthwhile to kill as it contributes a large amount of her utility and damage. And as always, say what you think about it. My goal with these is to spark discussion with various interesting takes on the champion formula and other unorthodox mechanics while still being feasible in the realm.

Base Stats:

Health: 2000

Speed: 400

Passive: Jumper Boots

-Press jump while mid-air and being within 15 units of all wall to powerfully jump off of it in the direction you are trying to move (or if you are moving into the wall, it reflects you off of it in the opposite direction with less power)

-Wall-Jumps still boost you as high as normal jumps, but with far more horizontal distance

-You naturally have 50% air control and always have your jumps be as if you were facing a wall

Primary Fire: Spark-Plug Pistol

-Fires a hitscan shot that deals 125 damage every 0.25 seconds

-This begins to fall off after 60 units and cannot fire past 120 units

-Every 0.2 seconds you spend not firing builds charge within the gun

-This can stack up to 4 times (after 0.8 seconds of not firing)

-Each stack increases damage by 120, increases the range by 10%, and increases the Ult charge by 1%

-Has a maximum ammo count of 10 and generates 1% Ult charge per hit

Secondary Fire: Gunner Drone

-Throw out a projectile that becomes a deployable drone 1 second after it lands

-This drone has 2000 health and a gun

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-The drone deals 40 damage every 0.1 seconds to its target with a range of 200 units (falloff at 100 units)

-This drone generates 0.5% Ult Charge per hit

-The drone first targets the enemy you are currently attacking, then the nearest enemy that has attacked it, then the nearest enemy if no one has attacked it (works by a priority system)

-Using the ability while the drone is active teleports it back to you allowing it to heal

-Heals for 100 hps while retracted and this increases to 500 hps while out of combat

-Drone automatically returns when destroyed and cannot be called out until it is fully repaired

-If drone is not destroyed you can redeploy it whenever you please

-2 second cooldown

Ability 1: Sapping Rounds

-Refill your ammo and for 4 seconds each hit with Spark-Plug Pistol gives you 100 shield that lasts for 3 seconds upon the ability ending

-Reloading automatically cancels the ability

-14 second cooldown upon ending

Ability 2: Static Taze

-Fire out a beam that deals 100 damage and applies Shock for 2 seconds

-Enemies applied with shock are slowed by 15% and take 50 dps

-When shock ends they take a burst of 300 damage

-If you hit an enemy with Spark-Plug Phaser while they have Shock, the effect immediately ends (dealing the 300 damage burst) and you stuns them for 0.5 seconds

-7 second cooldown and generates 3% Ult charge on hit

Ultimate: Protector Drone “Looks like you need a friend!”

-Call out a second drone that follows your Gunner Drone

-The Protector drone creates a 2000 health bubble shield around your Gunner Drone, increases the base health of Gunner Drone by 1000, and deals 40 damage every 0.2 seconds to the Gunner drone’s target

-The shield is repaired independently while retracted at the same rates as the health regen

-If your Gunner Drone gets down to half health or you die, the Protector Drone is destroyed

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-Your Ultimate cannot charge while active


Zap Crackle Pop: When shock ends it now does an extra 100 damage and causes an explosion around the target, dealing damage to nearby enemies

Energizer: You do not consume ammo while sapper rounds is active, but decreases the shield gain by 30%

Slow and Steady: Decrease your primary fire damage to 75 per shot, but increase the damage per charge level to 160



Carborate: Increase your maximum ammo by {1 – 5}

Protective Brace: Increase your maximum health by {50 – 250}

Sky’s the Limit: Increase your jump height and wall-jump distance by {6%- 30%}

Gyro Thrusters: Increase your base air control by {10% – 50%} (additive)


Compliance: Increase the drone health by {100 – 500}

Auto Repair: Your drone heals for {10 – 50} health per second when you are near it

Rapid Calibration: Increase the drone deployment speed by {20% – 100%}

Full Rev: For 2 seconds after the drone is deployed, it’s fire rate is increased by 50% (Internal cooldown of {35 – 7} seconds}

Sapping Rounds:

Sudden Vigor: Increase your move speed by {6% – 30%} while Sapping Rounds is active

Hypercell Battery: Increase the shield gain by {3 – 15} health per hit

Internal Coolant: Reduce the cooldown of Sapping Rounds by {0.6 – 3} seconds

Power Conversion: Every shot you land while Sapping Rounds is active reduces the cooldown of Static Pulser by {0.1 – 0.5} seconds

Static Taze:

Starstruck: Increase the stun duration when denoting Shock by {0.1 – 0.5} seconds

Pacemaker: Heal for {60 – 300} when hitting an enemy with Static Taze

Advanced Targeting: Your drone now deals {5% – 25%} increased damage to targets with Shock

Enduring Coil: Increase the maximum duration of Shock by {0.4 – 2} seconds


Like my other 2 concepts, Hilda is a new take on their respective role. Her passive, while extremely powerful, is hard to use and relies on good map knowledge to chain together jumps. Her primary fire has good poke when charged, but has low damage for a flank. This lack of damage is supplemented by her Gunner Drone, which acts as a constant damage dealer. Sapping Rounds also adds to her skill ceiling, rewarding good aim with survivability. Static Taze is also a good option for adding in damage and slowing escapes. Lastly Protector Drone adds to the threat of her drone making it a serious target that needs to be focused down. This is definitely one of my more complex concepts, but I’ve aimed to make it play much smoother than the jumble of words would suggest. As always, say your opinions. I’ve only got one more concept left to do and it’s already in the works. Let’s just say it’s one of Hilda’s prized creations. Also I will be doing a design process post on r/PaladinsCharacterIdea in order to help and inspire people for more ideas sooner or later. It’ll just be going through my process to kit design.

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