Champion Concept: Modan, The Gorgon (and some art)

(I just wanna say, I designed this character a day before the (cancelled) Aquatic Seris skin was revealed, so I can read the future)


Modan belongs to a race thought to be long gone. The Gorgons were sinister beings who weakened their enemies through trust, before taking what was easily left for them. One such group, The Aurion Clan, didn't trust them, as they had heard tales of the ruthless conquerers. Aurion sealed the Gorgons away in a massive underground network. Over time, the Gorgons starved, but feeding off the bodies of her dead comrades for hundreds of years, Modan broke the seal holding her back. Freed into the realm again, she seeks out one thing before repopulating her kind, to end the Aurion legacy by shattering the blade of Luvenion.

(If you don't know what Aurion or Luvenion is,, it's from this other concept. Yes this is a shameless plug and I am not sorry)


Modan is a supportive character, but not in the normal sense. Her kit is filled with CC and debuffing abilities, solidifying her role as a sort of off-damage, since her absolute highest possible DPS without external factors is only about 1200. She fulfills her role by making it very hard for the enemies to play on their own terms, by forcing them to play on hers. The real threat with her kit isn’t herself, but what she liberates her team to pull off. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Modan, The Gorgon

Role: Damage (supportive off-damage)

Health: 2300

Speed: 360

Primary Fire: Erosive Bile

-Fire out a barrage of noxious fluids, degrading enemy defenses

-Fires out a clump of bile every 0.08 seconds, dealing 60 damage and having a projectile speed of 300 (generates 0.4% Ult Charge on hit)

-Each hit applies a stack (up to 30) that degrade at 1 stack per 0.2 seconds after not being hit for 1 second by Erosive Bile

-At 15-24 stacks, enemies are applied with a 10% damage vulnerability

-At 25-30 stacks, enemies are applied with a 20% damage vulnerability

-Has 40 ammo that regenerates at a rate of 8 per second when not in use


Secondary Fire: Leech

-Attack with your corrupted arm, sucking away the energy of enemies

-This deals 44 damage every 0.05 seconds within your crosshair, generates 0.2% Ult charge per damage tick

-The attack rate decreases for enemies further away, starting at 80 units and ending at 200 units (0.2 second attack rate at max)

-Each tick of damage you deal stores 10 health in a bar, at a max of 1000. Stop firing to consume 500 stored health per second, healing you for the amount as well as generating 1 ammo per 40 stored health consumed.

-No cooldown and counts as a weapon attack

Ability 1: Foul Ground

-Target an area to create Foul Ground after a 0.5 second delay, up to 150 units away

-Upon summoning Foul Ground, the area roots enemies in the range for a second and deals 300 damage (15 unit radius)

-After that, a field is made, that slows enemies by 40%, for 5 seconds

-12 second cooldown upon casting

Ability 2: Vile Tether

-Lash out with your leech, latching onto the first enemy hit

-When you hit an enemy, it stuns them for 0.7 seconds, deals 200 damage, and latches to them

-Fire the ability within 0.7 seconds to pull them towards you (with knockback), with the knockback effect scaling by how far away they are in relation to you

-Attack to release the victim, injecting venom that deals 600 damage over 6 seconds

-This has a maximum range of 90 units and a 9 second cooldown

Ultimate: Stone Gaze – “This is your reprisal”

-Channel for 0.75 seconds, becoming CC immune

-After that time, fire out a hitscan shot that turns 1 enemy to stone for 3.5 seconds

-Stoned enemies are stunned, can’t be healed, and take 90% reduced damage

-When the stone clears, it shatters, dealing 600 damage to the target

-You can cast the ability again to remove the stoned effect early



Vile Tether can now latch onto surfaces and be used to pull you (still knockback) to the location of the tether. The tether can last for up to 2.5 seconds when latched onto a surface and cancelling the tether when used on a surface reduces the cooldown to 2 seconds.

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Vivid Images:

Increase your Ultimate charge rate by 15%, reduce the damage reduction of your Ultimate to 80%, and your Ultimate can now affect CC immune targets


Enemies being hit by Leech have their damage reduced by 10% and you passively consume 100 stored health per second while firing


Modan is a unique role in the game. There are definitely characters who can play as a control (Willo and Makoa come to mind), but no character has the sheer amount of tools that Modan has. Her Erosive Bile is a good way to say “Hey guys, attack this enemy”, while also being her better long range attack. Her Leech is likely her most useful means of damage, since it boasts the highest DPS and most sustain in her kit. Foul Grounds is extremely good at shutting down escapes and closing of choke points from speedy advances. Vile Tether is also another way she can meddle with your plans, forcing people in or out of engagements then normal wouldn’t be comfortable with. Lastly, her ultimate can single out a troublesome target, or close off kills that are just out of reach with the 600 damage burst. With Vivid Images, it can even shutdown major Ultimate plays. Her major downside is a lack of mobility, and the only mobility she has besides walking/move speed requires a talent. Other than that, she has reliable sustain, plenty of self-peel, and lockdown abilities that make positioning a make or break choice for the enemies.

That’s the concept. I wanted to do something a little more intuitive than my last 2, so this was that; A kit with some moving parts that happen passively and don’t really demand your attention. I’ll do my normal spiel here, I’m open to discussion in the comments, if you have any suggestions I’d feel free to talk about them. Until next time. Also have cards.



Stoneskin: Increase your maximum health by {60 – 300}

Noxious Caverns: Every {7 – 3} Erosive Biles applies 2 stacks on hit

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Viral Hoards: Heal for {1 – 5} health per second for every active Erosive Bile stack in the game

New Decor: Generate {15% – 75%} Ultimate charge if an enemy dies while Stoned


Venom Glands: Increase the amount of health you can passively story by {100 – 500}

Consumption: Increase your move speed by {3% – 15%} when storing above 50% health

Bolstered Decay: Increase your damage from Erosive Bile by {1% – 5%} for each 25% of stored health you currently hold

Ravenous: Increase the rate of stored health consumption by {20% – 100%}

Foul Ground

Entrapping Growths: The slow now persists for {0.4 – 2} seconds after enemies leave Foul Ground

Vile Empire: Reduce the cooldown of Foul Ground by {0.6 – 3} seconds

Familiar Workings: Increase your move speed by {7% – 35%} while in Foul Grounds

Ancient Scourge: Heal for {200 – 1000} health when at or below 20% health and inside Foul Grounds (30 second cooldown)

Vile Tether

Venom Course: Reduce the cooldown of Vile Tether by {0.8 – 4} when injecting venom

Grieving Wounds: Reduce your damage taken by {6% – 30%} for 2 seconds after hitting someone with Vile Tether

Hemogen: Reduce the time it takes Vile Tether’s injection to deal damage by {25% – 125%}

Inescapable: Increase the range of Vile Tether by {10 – 50} units


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