Champion Concept – Onh-Kala, the Prisoner of War. Feel free to check out my other concepts! Cheers.

Content of the article: "Champion Concept – Onh-Kala, the Prisoner of War. Feel free to check out my other concepts! Cheers."

Onh-Kala, the Prisoner of War

Frontline Champion

4500 Health

340 Movement Speed

Onh-Kala of the Ska’drin was left alone in a forest, abandoned by her family.

She was raised by a foster mother, an inventor.

Onh-Kala quickly picked up her mother’s ways and built herself a mechanical suit, to reach and cut down fruit from a tree in the garden.

Mother was captured by the Magistrate, and in return for her mother’s life she allowed herself to be experimented on with Abyssal energy.

After being shackled in chains for years, an experiment went haywire, fusing Onh-Kala and her mechanical suit with Abyssal energy.

She has since escaped, and now roams the Realm in search of Magistrate governance to enact her revenge.

Primary Fire: Mainframe Ordnance

Onh-Kala comes equipped with an arm-mounted cannon that fires long-range projectiles (similar to Evie) that arm themselves after having traveled 35 units, significantly increasing their damage and projectile speed.

Armed projectiles detonate upon contact with an enemy or surface, dealing 680 Area Damage to enemies within 10 units of the explosion.

Unarmed projectiles deal 350 Direct Damage.

Doubles as a close range heavy blade.

Fires two projectiles, then deals 720 Area Damage to enemies in a frontal cone with the heavy blade (similar to Terminus’ Massacre Axe), hitting enemies up to 12 units in front of you.

Fires 1 ‘ammo’ every 1 second, including the heavy swing.

Infinite ammunition, i.e. no reload.

Secondary Fire: Abyssal Hologram

Deploy a Hologram to draw fire from enemies. Enemies are made aware of the difference between Onh-Kala and her Holograms via visual effects. Holograms are able to distract enemies and provide a small amount of cover for Onh-Kala and her allies. Onh-Kala can use the Hologram for a burst of movement and crowd control with Update. Firing a Seize Drone into the Hologram will control the Hologram’s movement for a short duration. Has maximum health of 4500 and lasts until it is destroyed. Deploy range of 60 units.

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Cooldown of 13 seconds.

Ability 1: Seize Drone

Take 1.5 seconds to load and then fire a robotic drone out of your Mainframe Ordnance at a target within 80 units, allowing Onh-Kala to take control of the target’s movement for a brief period of time. Can target an enemy or active Hologram with Seize Drone. For the duration, your movement inputs control both you and your target for 2.5 seconds, but the opponent’s/hologram’s movement speed is increased by 50% for the duration and yours is decreased by 50%. The Seized target will follow your every move for a duration (including dashing via Update, i.e. the enemy will dash in the same direction and distance you dash). You are unable to control the direction your opponents are looking, just their movement. While in control of an enemy/Hologram, your point of view remains your own, i.e. you do not gain the point of view of an enemy or Hologram you control. The opponent/Hologram will remain moving in the same direction and movement speed you last left them moving in for 1 second after the duration of control is over. Cannot cast Update while controlling a Hologram.

Cooldown of 8 seconds.

Ability 2: Update

Dash into the location of a hologram if it is within 35 units of you, independent of the direction you’re facing. Enemies caught between you and your Hologram during your dash will be pulled with you as you dash, barely displacing them (similar to a VERY weak Seris ultimate) and slowing them by 50% for 2 seconds. Upon relocating to the location of the Hologram, deploy a radial force field around you that absorbs all incoming damage for 2 seconds. Onh-Kala heals for 50% of the damage absorbed. Onh-Kala cannot move, shoot, or cast abilities while damage is being absorbed, and is unable to shoot or cast abilities until 1 second after she is finished absorbing damage. Successfully casting Update will destroy the Hologram and therefore put Abyssal Hologram on cooldown.

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Cooldown of 12 seconds.

Ultimate: Shacklestorm

Channeling ability. Can be recast to stop the ability before the duration is up. Upon casting, you are unable to move or use abilities but are immune to crowd control and take 80% reduced damage. Deploys Abyssal tethers to enemies within 55 units of you. Active Holograms also deploy tethers to enemies within 55 units of it. Tethers deal 130 Direct Damage every second. Tethered enemies have their movement speed initially reduced by 40% and is decreased by an additional 10% every second they remain inside the area of effect, capping at 90% reduced movement speed after 6 seconds. Upon exiting the area of effect, enemies will snap away from the tether, stunning themselves for 1.5 seconds and damaging both themselves other enemies within 15 units of them for 620 Area Damage. Enemies that venture into the area of effect after the initial cast will also be tethered. Lasts for 6.5 seconds.



Both Onh-Kala and her hologram perform the short range heavy blade attack from primary fire. The heavy blade attack now deals damage in a 15 unit radius around you instead of a frontal cone, and applies 200 knock back. The heavy blade attack now deals 820 Area Damage.

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Backup Drive

Casting Update while either out of range of an active Hologram or without an active Hologram will heal Onh-Kala for 2000 health over a period of 4 seconds. Casting Update while out of range of an existing Hologram will deploy a force field around the Hologram, converting 50% the damage taken into health for Onh-Kala.

D.I.E. Protocol

Onh-Kala's suit self-destructs 2 seconds after death, dealing 900 Area Damage, applying knock back, and stunning enemies for 2 seconds within 30 units of the explosion.

Hope you like it! Tell me what you think. I have plenty more concepts on my profile if you're interested.


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