Character Idea: A Necromancer with Plague theme

Hey Guys! as somebody who always loved the more "Diseased" side of Necromancy, with stuff like Warhammer40k Nurgle or similar, I always wondered if Paladins could have such ideas for a character in the Game. So here, a character I made, be free to tell me if you like it, or what you would add/change to it!

Ishta, The Plague Bearer

Basic Attack: Swarm of Flies –

Ishta shoots swarm of flies from her hand that damages enemies in a cone in the medium range. It deals damage over time and also heals allies that she hits.

Damage per Hit: 30 every 0.1 seconds.

"After" Damage: 200 over 4 seconds.

Heal: 20 every 0.1 seconds.

"After" Heal: 300 over 5 seconds.

Reload: (Similar to Grohk and Fernandos auto attacks)

Right Click: Mark of Pestilence –

Ishta marks ally champion with Mark of Pestilence, decreasing their damage taken by 10% and increasing their healig recieved from any source by 20%.

Damage Decrease: 10%

Healing increased: 20%

Duration: 4 Seconds.

Cooldown: 8 seconds.

Q: Brood Pillar –

Ishta summons a Pillar filled with locusts in the target location. It takes 1.5 seconds to emerge and stays there till destroyed. Enemies that come very near it are damaged and Slowed, and Ally champions standing near are healed.

Creation time: 1.5 seconds.

Pillar Health: 1500.

Pillar Slow to enemies: 20%

Pillar Damage: 100 every 0.5 seconds.

Pillar Heal: 300 every 1 second.

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Amount of Pillars at a time: 2

Cooldown: 10 Seconds. (2 Stacks)(4 with Talent)

F: Vermin Rash –

Ishta turns into a cloud of insects and travels forward. If she encounters an ally along the way, she instead goes inside of them and becomes untargetable, Healing the ally she is in over time and decreasing the ally damage taken by 10%. After 4 seconds she reemerges in a target direction and travels a short dash in that direction again. If instead, she encounters an enemy, she goes inside of them, becomming untargetable and deals damage over time, increasing the enemy damage taken by 20%.

Healing: 700 over 4 seconds.

Damage Decrease on Ally: 10%

Damage over time: 500 over 4 seconds.

Damage Increase on enemy: 20%

Cooldown: 12

Ultimate – E: Gifts of the Plague God

Ishta summons the Avatar of her Plague God, launching it at Ally or Enemy (She can also miss it, which refunds 50% of the Ultimate). If the Avatar hits an Ally, The Avatar Empowers this ally, healing them instantly for 40% of their Max Health, increasing their damage by 30%, Reload by 30%, and each time the ally hits an enemy they "Infect" them with Ishtas Swarm of Flies, dealing small damage overtime. (refreshing it with each basic attack hit). If she hits the Enemy, The Avatar instead infects them with the most horrific illnesses, Decreasing their damage dealt by 20%, increasing their damage taken by 20%, and Cutting any healing they recieve from Allies or from Lifesteal.

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Ally Empower:

– Instant 40% max health heal

– Damage dealt increase: 30%

– Reload speed increase: 30%

– Infection Damage: 20 every 0.1 seconds for 3 seconds. (refreshing damage)

– Duration: 8 seconds.

Enemy Diseases:

– Damage decrease: 20%

– Damage taken increase: 20%

– Healing Red.: All Healing

– Duration: 4 Seconds.


1 – Vermin Infestation:

Brood Pillars now have limit of 4, have their Health increased by 1000, They deploy instantly but their Damage and Heal are decreased by 30%

2 – Herald of Pestilence:

Mark of Pestilence is now an Arcane Missle of Plague that travels in target location and explodes when hit with enemy, ally or a wall. The Overall Cooldown is decreased by 2 seconds and it can now hit enemies, dealing 500 damage over 3 seconds but removing Damage mitigation on Allies, only leaving the Healing increased.

3 – Gifts for Everyone!

Gifts of the Plague God now can be cast at 50% charge, but decreasing every benefit to allies by 50% and disadvantages to enemies by 50%. Also decreases duration of both by 1 Second.

4 ( can be a replacement for the existing one ) – Gangrenous Presence:

Vermin rash now travels longer distance, and You can enter 2 people at once before reemerging outside, but the Overall benefits of the ability are decreased by 20%.

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Overall Theme: a Wood Elf that was once part of the Resistance. She was sent on a mission to retrieve an Artifact (The Staff of Ru-khan), but her entire Squad got obliterated by the Undead in there and she had to make a decision, so she ulttimately took the staff and used is power to command the Undead, but in return she was corrupted by the Plague God and hears his Voice through the Staff. She is now a Plague Bearer that spreads the word of Illness, Disease and Undeath to everyone in the Realm, be it Magistrate, or Resistance.

(The image I had for her were an idea from my Old Skyrim character, here it is)


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