Do Players In Parties Have A Right To Be Toxic??

Content of the article: "Do Players In Parties Have A Right To Be Toxic??"

So this is stemmed from toxic experience ive had in casual Paladins recently. So im a lonely solo player, mostly because all my Paladins friends have left and/or moved on to other games, while im still playing Bugadins. And since I queue alone, I often just play what-ever I want if its a casual game (this all comes back later).

So I queued into a casual match on KOTH Snowfall Junction, in which I picked Seris. Again, just planning to try and have fun. That quickly faded. The enemy team consisted of a level 300 BK (whos gameplay showed he did NOT buy levels) along with high-level 3 flanks and a Furia. Our team consisted on no-one over level 30 on their champs. (And yeah, I know champ levels are rarely relevant, but in this case, it didnt help us)

We lost bad. So bad that after the match the entire enemy team was taunting about feeling sorry for us. I made a remark about the match feeling a little one-sided (as I was kinda mad) and left. So I went back into queue for another match, and their Furia and Maeve start private-messaging me. It was reveled here they were all in a 5-stack.

They start tag-team spamming trash talk, even telling me I was stupid to play Seris in casual. I think about maybe just blocking them, but they even tell me Im a pussy if I go into /dnd (I really dont care, but it kinda interesting to watch). I tell them my team was a bunch of solo-queues, so the fact they were in a 5-man party explains why they won so easily, and that beinbg gloatfull of such a victory was kinda childish, with them replaying that I had "no right to be toxic". Then they start my solo status to play the synesthetic trolling card. They ask me if I wanted to "join their party" and "im here for you" only to immediately following with "lmfao" and "i dont really care" and "no wonder you got no friends". When I ask why the continuing toxicity, they deny anything they have said was toxic. They continue their tag-team harassment, even asking me my age, and tell me to "get a party" if I want to win casual matches. Eventually they give up after I stopped giving them replies.

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So I know every player has had a run in with a toxic stack sometime in their career, but I wanted to share this experience anyway. Ive had plenty of matches in Casual with poor matchmaking and 5-stacks (which is why I play ranked half the time), but this one really gave me the impression that stomping 5-stacks may be a problem that needs to be properly addressed.

So going back to them telling ME "dont be toxic", does playing in a party give THEM the right to be toxic and rude?? especially to people who are not in parties??

Also, have any of you had similar experiences with stacks??? If so, what happened?? And do you think its needs to be addressed by Hirez??


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