Dredge – Champion of the Week (13th September 2020)

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"I'll feed ya to me Kraken!"

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Flair Dredge

Admiral of the Abyss

Affiliation: Flair Abyss


Admiral Judd Roberts ruled the eight oceans as the Realm’s most-feared pirate, until one final treasure led to his doom. The admiral stole the Warders’ relics from the Resistance, but could not tame the dragons’ might. His ship was destroyed, his crew scattered, and he sank to certain death in the oceans' depths. The Abyss intervened and bore the admiral — now Admiral Dredge — back into the Realm of the living. Now the undead pirate travels the seas again, and no soul, living or dead, will take his treasure from him.

Class: Flair Damage

Health: 2200


Name Skill Type Description Cooldown
Cursed Howitzer Area Damage Fire an explosive mortar every 0.7s that deals 850 damage in an area. Has a maximum Ammo count of 9, and the explosion is fully effective up to 4 units and hits enemies up to 15 units away. Reloading fires a secondary projectile that deals 850 damage on impact. You deal up to 200 self-damage if caught in your own explosion.
Broadside Area Damage Fire a burst of up to 3 depth charges over 0.3s that each deal 950 damage in an area. These charges arm when they hit the ground, slowly rising and exploding after 2s. The explosions are fully effective up to 10 units and hit enemies up to 17 units away. This ability consumes your Ammo to fire.
Harpoon Area Damage / Debuff Hurl a harpoon, dealing 800 damage and Slowing enemies hit by 50% for 2s. Harpoon Pierces enemies and has a range of 300 units. 14s
Shortcut Mobility Create a Shortcut, up to a maximum of 2. Traveling through a Shortcut will Teleport you to the other one after a 0.4s delay and destroy the one you used to Teleport. Going through a Shortcut will prevent this ability from being used for 10s. 1s
Kraken Area Damage / Crowd Control Create a rift at your target location, unleashing the Abyssal Kraken after 1.7s in a 25-unit radius. The Kraken deals 2500 damage and applies a Knockback to enemies hit.
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Talents and Cards:

Name Ability Description Cooldown
Scuttle Weapon The projectile launched by reloading your Cursed Howitzer explodes in a 20-unit-radius area on contact.
Hurl Harpoon Harpoon no longer has a Cooldown, but no longer Slows enemies hit.
Abyss Spike Harpoon Harpoon lodges into terrain and explodes when an enemy comes within 20 units, dealing 1000 damage in a 35-unit-radius area.
Abyss Cannon Broadside Generate {1/1} Ammo for each enemy hit by Broadside.
Crow's Nest Broadside Hitting yourself with Broadside now applies a Knockback of {500/100}.
Heave Away Broadside Reduce the Cooldown of Harpoon by {0.2/0.2}s for each enemy hit by Broadside.
Reckless Barrage Broadside Heal for {50/50} for each enemy hit by Broadside.
Blow the Man Down Harpoon Enemies hit by Harpoon’s Slow have their Movement Speed reduced by an additional {6/6}%.
Cursed Weaponry Harpoon Generate {1/1} Ammo for each enemy hit by Harpoon.
Hull Piercer Harpoon Reduce the Cooldown of Harpoon by {1.2/1.2}s.
Mortal Skewer Harpoon Heal for {80/80} for each enemy hit with Harpoon.
Dark Bargain Shortcut Heal for {50/50} every 1s while standing near a Shortcut.
Expansive Vault Shortcut Jump height is increased for your first jump within {1/1}s after exiting a Shortcut.
Haul on the Bowline Shortcut Increase your Movement Speed by {10/10}% for 2s after exiting a Shortcut.
Plank Walker Shortcut Heal for {100/100} after exiting a Shortcut.
Dreadnought Armor Increase your maximum Health by {50/50}.
Hangman's Ire Armor Gain a {150/150}-Health Shield after dropping to or below 50% Health. 30s
Sea Dogs Armor Increase the Healing you receive by {5/5}% while at or below 50% Health.
Gun Deck Weapon Increase your maximum Ammo by {1/1}.

You can find an archive of every Champion of the Week here.

Join us next week when we talk about Flair Drogoz!


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