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I must break you!

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Flair Drogoz

The Greedy

Affiliation: Flair Neutral


Born wingless as a mere wyrin underling to a vicious dragon, Drogoz escaped his servitude using a pair of crystal-fueled mechanical wings crafted by a clever dwarven engineer. The draconic blood in his veins flowed with cruelty and greed, compelling him to continue on a Realm-wide rampage of destruction as he amassed his own hoard, one that will rival that of the true dragons. As the conflict between the Magistrate and the Resistance rages, Drogoz streaks through the sky above, swooping down to deal with his foes as quickly — and as violently — as possible.

Class: Flair Damage

Health: 2200


Name Skill Type Description Cooldown
Rocket Launcher Area Damage Fire a rocket every 0.85s that deals 850 damage in an area. Has a maximum Ammo count of 6. The explosion is fully effective up to 4 units and hits enemies up to 10 units away. You deal up to 200 self-damage if caught in your own explosion. Has a range of 275 units.
Fire Spit Debuff / Area Damage Spit out a flammable orb that deals 150 damage and causes enemies hit to take 30% additional damage from your rockets for 3s. Drogoz can ignite Fire Spit with Rocket Launcher or Salvo, dealing 900 damage in an area. This explosion is fully effective up to 30 units and hits enemies up to 35 units away. Has a range of 400 units. 8s
Salvo Area Damage Load all remaining rockets into your Launcher and unleash them with your next attack, dealing 250 damage in an area for each rocket. The explosion is fully effective up to 10 units, hits enemies up to 15 units away, and deals 100% additional damage to Shields. Drogoz deals 150 self-damage if caught in the explosion. Has a range of 275 units. Salvo's rockets count as weapon shots. 20s
Thrust Mobility Jet upwards into the air. Hold <CMD=GBA_Jump> to use your Booster, which slowly lifts you into the air.Passive: You have a Booster that has a limited amount of fuel. Fuel regenerates when not in use. 11s
Dragon Punch True Damage After 2s, unleash your fury to jet up to 400 units through the air, dealing 100% of your target's maximum Health as damage to the first enemy you collide with. You are Immune to Crowd Control while flying. Cannot hit targets Immune to damage. Cannot be mitigated by reduced damage taken. Ending this ability without hitting anyone refunds 30% Ultimate charge.
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Talents and Cards:

Name Ability Description Cooldown
Combustible Fire Spit Fire Spit applies a Knockback and deals an additional 300 damage over 2s.
Fusillade Weapon Damage dealt when hitting an enemy directly with Rocket Launcher or Salvo is increased by 25%.
W.Y.R.M. Jets Armor Increase your Movement Speed while using your Booster.
Condescension Fire Spit Reduce the Cooldown of Thrust by {1.2/1.2}s for each enemy Champion hit with Fire Spit.
Follow the Scent Fire Spit Increase the size of your Fire Spit by {24/24}%.
Lung Capacity Fire Spit Heal for {50/50} for each enemy Champion hit with Fire Spit.
Masterful Fire Spit Reduce the Cooldown of Fire Spit by {0.5/0.5}s for each enemy hit by it. 5s
Bask Salvo Heal for {35/35} for each enemy hit by your Salvo rockets.
Decimate Salvo Increase the explosion radius of Salvo by {15/15}%.
Hyper Boost Salvo Restore {4/4}% of your Booster fuel each time Salvo hits an enemy.
Spitfire Salvo Reduce the Cooldown of Salvo by {0.25/0.25}s each time Salvo hits an enemy with its rockets.
Propel Thrust Increase the forward distance of Thrust by {25/25}%.
Rain of Fire Thrust Consume {10/10}% less Booster fuel for 5s after using Thrust.
Survival Thrust Reduce the Cooldown of Thrust by 100% after dropping to or below {10/10}% Health. 30s
Thrill of the Hunt Thrust Reduce the Cooldown of Thrust by {15/15}% when you get a Killing Blow.
Altitude Armor Restore {20/20}% of your maximum Booster fuel after getting a Killing Blow or Elimination.
Apex Predator Armor Increase your maximum Health by {50/50}.
Fuel Tank Armor Increase your Booster fuel capacity by {10/10}%.
Hot Swap Weapon Increase your Reload Speed by {10/10}% for 3s after hitting an enemy with your weapon.

You can find an archive of every Champion of the Week here.

Join us next week when we talk about Flair Evie!


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