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Flair Evie

The Winter Witch

Affiliation: Flair Resistance


After cleverly tricking and imprisoning a greater frost elemental in a magical gemstone, Evie went from apprentice sorceress to Winter Witch seemingly overnight. Though no longer welcome in her home village, which she left to an uncertain fate, she found her talents to be in high demand in the Resistance's conflict with the Magistrate. Though powerful, her true motivations are as mysterious as the exact details of her background, causing her allies to question her loyalty as well as how long she can really hope to keep the vengeful elemental contained.

Class: Flair Flank

Health: 1800


Name Skill Type Description Cooldown
Ice Staff Area Damage Fire a frozen blast every 1s that explodes to deal damage in an area. Deals 850 damage, has a maximum Ammo count of 6, and has a range of 300 units. The explosion is fully effective up to 3 units and will hit enemies up to 10 units away.
Ice Block Untargettable Become Immune for 3s. During Ice Block, you are unable to move or attack. Can be refired to cancel. 14s
Blink Mobility Teleport forward a short distance. Has a range of 57.5 units. 4s
Soar Mobility Hop on your staff and take flight for 2s. Can be refired to cancel. 10s
Ice Storm Area Damage / Crowd Control / Debuff Summon a massive Ice Storm that deals 40 damage every 0.25s, lasts 6s, and has a radius of 25 units. Enemies caught have their Movement Speed reduced by 60% and are Crippled.
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Talents and Cards:

Name Ability Description Cooldown
Over the Moon Soar Increase the damage you deal with your weapon shots by 20% for 3s after Soar ends.
Snow Globe Ice Storm Ice Storm has its damage increased by 100% and its Ultimate charge decreased by 50%, but its duration is reduced to 3s.
Wormhole Blink Blink can be refired within 4s of its use to return to the initial casting location.
Chilled Blink Increase your Reload Speed by {8/8}% for 4s after using Blink.
Flicker Blink Heal for {50/50} after using Blink.
Riftwalk Blink Increase your Movement Speed by {8/8}% for 2s after using Blink.
Teleport Blink Increase the distance traveled by Blink by {6/6}%.
Biting Cold Ice Block Generate {2/2} Ammo after activating Ice Block.
Cold-Blooded Ice Block Reduce the Cooldown of Ice Block by {1/1}s.
Frigid Field Ice Block Heal for {50/50} every 1s while Ice Block is active.
Howling Gale Ice Block Increase your Movement Speed by {10/10}% for 4s after Ice Block ends.
Cantrip Soar Generate {1/1} Ammo after activating Soar.
Great Distance Soar Increase the duration of Soar by {0.5/0.5}s.
Killing Frost Soar Reduce the Cooldown of Soar by {20/20}% after getting a Killing Blow.
Swift Witch Soar Increase your Movement Speed during Soar by {5/5}%.
Avalanche Armor Increase your Movement Speed by {8/8}% for 5s after getting a Killing Blow.
Impact Armor Reduce your active Cooldowns by {10/10}% after getting a Killing Blow.
Keep Moving Armor Increase maximum Health by {30/30}.
Cold Acclimation Weapon Your weapon deals {60/10}% less Self-Damage and no longer applies a Knockback to yourself.

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Join us next week when we talk about Flair Fernando!


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