[Fan Lore] Vora Goes Galactic (Also Yagorath)

Author's note: I havent played in years. Discovered Vora is a thing last week and yeah. Not sure where to find skin lore/flavour text. So kinda just saw some cool art and went from there lol. I know fanfics are seen as cringe and often unwelcome in gaming communities, but I dont have a fanfic site account, so if you dislike this, it'll die in new shortly.

For the like minded lore lovers like me (theres like what, 5 of us?) Enjoy.

In this fic, I envision for the Star Sister universe that Yagorath is a grey goo AI called Glados Y.A.G.O.S.

Vora Goes Galactic

A peaceful evening in Metro Re’alm turns to chaos as a meteor hurtles toward its center.

Brightening purple light floods the jungle of towering glass and steel buildings until it reaches the city square, and stops? In place of the meteor floats–

“Its Vora! The Galactic Conqueror!” screams a woman from the crowd triggering a mass panic to escape.

“Ohohohoho, fools! You have yet to witness the full beauty of my power. Y.A.G.O.S. ! Activate…the weapon!”

“Initiating Quantum Projectorinator!” says an abyssal voice in robotic tone and a feminine pitch.

A flash of light grows and fades, with Vora towering over a thousand feet tall above the square. Her gold and white platform boots alone tower storeys above the screaming masses. Nearby rooftops only reach her mid thighs. Only one structure challenges her height, a statue of 4 women.

“Star sisters,” Vora growls as from her outstretched hand a scythe, taller than her, flashes into existence. Its building sized crystal blade is like a window into the void of starry space.

In a single swipe of speed and elegance, an arc of energy races into the distance, producing a warm windstorm tearing leaves from trees and tossing vehicles from roads. The wave of energy slams into the statues with a splash of cosmic liquid, covering and consuming the monument until it melts away.

“Ohohohohohoho!” her laugh drowns out the sirens and wails of the city. “Behold your idols fall, mightless mites of Re'alm! Now all within my gaze belongs to me! For I, Vora the Galactic Conquer, the Voracious Vindicator, Tamer of the Cosmos…”

<Editors note: this goes on for like 10 minutes so going to save your time and skip ahead>

“…now kneel before your new ruler!" Finishing (finally) she looks around seeing a much thinner crowd. The symphony of chaos and and screams from below continues now as a melody of confusion and murmurs.

“YAGOS! Where. Are. THEY?!” She hissed between her teeth rattling her scythe.

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“Interesting. Distress signals have been blasting but no hyperspace activity.”

“What more can it take? Im attacking a densely populated core world's capital, destroyed their monument, and even crushed that delicious noodle stand they all love.”

“Indeed, yet nothi- incoming!”

An explosion impacts her face with flame and smoke, unscathed she looks toward the source as the smoke clears her eyes gleaming with joy as she smiles.

"Prepare yourself for your doom Star…navy." Disappointment kills her cheerful tone.

A massive arc of energy flowed from her blade with a wide sweep. Dozens of skyscraper sized battle cruisers vanished in flames as the void beam hit them. The beam kept going cutting through the moon behind them with ease.

"Fine, I suppose Ill have to go to the final area of our planned battle: the Interstellar Communications Center." she said evilly beginning her catwalk down the avenue of cars and buses. Like tinfoil they flattened beneath her thunderous steps.

“Vora. To your left, 1 mile.”

“A mile! Why land THAT far away?!” she stopped, snapping her head left sending her ponytail smashing through the upper floors of a corporate tower.

“I landed you as close as possible without landing ON it.”

With an enraged grunt she turns to see a wall of buildings. With an annoyed swing her scythe explodes through blocks of buildings turning them into burning ruins. Uncaringly she marches through blocks, as her leather clad thighs plow through structure like weak sand castles. Her hips slam into the flanking structures ending them to their doom, she causally pushes aside towards even ones not in her way for the hell of it. even with a swipe and swing of her scythe rows are undecided to rubble.

The few island of survivors in her swath of destruction look through the haze to see the former neon bazaar now a canyon of devastation by her simple walk. Their urban jungle was just a flower garden to her.

“Youve arrived at your destination!” Shouts YAGOS just as she readys to kick a structure with lots of radar and antennas. Realizing just in time, she stops herself but falls, landing on her knees crushing the surrounding smaller structures. An earthquake rocks the building now straddled between her thighs.

“*Ahem* W-well hello there. I see you thought you all could escape but Ive blocked your path ohohohoho!”

“Good save”

“Silence! Well well I see your sending SOS signals hoping those brats and her little dragon too come to save the day. Too bad for you, your day is over.” Standing to her full height casting the building in her shadow she taps the structure with her scythe and a glimmer of darkness consumes it. “Now that theyre out the way.”

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Frantically her cold blue eyes look to the far reaches to the horizon. No sisters. Her gaze softens in disappointment as her eyes fall to her boots seeing a few survivors trembling before her. “Of course they wont come for you.” her voice trails off. “They didnt save us either.”

Her mind flashes back to images of her looking up at Magi’star invasion craft. Distress calls unanswered. Her partner in dance, battle, and life, trading their survival for hers. Whispers of power from the grey goo in the Chaos vault, and promise of power. Then the sisters finally arrive, only to deem Vora the villain. In a tear eyes blink she returns to the present and looks over her shoulders at the smoldering wound she carved into the city.

“Treat people like monsters, they tend to act like it.”

The dark nebula clouds in her cosmic leather change rapidly from to gleaming stars and supernovae. Without warning she leaps forth into the financial district, landing with a sweep of her blade cutting down numerous towers like plant stalks. She leaps again tossing her scythe into the air, she lands in a pirouette and letting her leg kick out as she twirls in place gracefully.

Catching her scythe and twirling it, a shower of deadly blasts rain across the city to the outskirts. The dance continues as she paints a hellscape across the city. From there her begin a dance across the city.

The dance ends as she bows panting, opening her eyes the sun has long set, but the flames of obliteration and the split moon light the smokey sky. The neon city was reduced to a shattered desert.

“YAGOS.” she sighed. “Prep the ship to jump into hyperlane 101. or 66.

“On it, standby for recall.”

With one last glance at her unwilling dance floor, she looks to the broken moon, noting it drifting further apart.

“I was wrong. I thought you 4 saw us as disposable as we were but a backwater world. Now I see no world is important to you." Her grip tightens so hard her knuckles whiten as a supernova appears across her gloves.


Buildings the size of Vora’s thumb sit in a mismatch patchwork of city blocks on the floor before her like a model town. The statue of the sisters was shorter than her heels right next to it.

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“All my blade touched was teleported here? Excellent work YAGOS. A bit smaller though."

“Not all. You destroyed more than anticipated. The rest was consumed.It was far too good a feast to pass up.”

“I see,” Vora looks away with a deep sigh, then snaps her gaze back to the city below.

“You serve me now.” the statue of the star sisters crunches as Vora stomps the monument of the Star Sisters into a pile of dust.

"As thanks to me, for your first duty of existence, make a statue of my likeness from their rubble." With that she turns as walks away, her seismic footfalls rattling her toy kingdom.


Alone in her quarters she looks at an image of her past, designed so only a person can see it if theyre looking at it at the perfect angle and distance.

"This whole time I kept wishing you were here. Now Im not sure if youd even recognize me." Her words leak from her lips in a raspy whisper as the ship jumps into hyperspace, for the next conquest.


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