Furia – Champion of the Week (11th October 2020)

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I will burn through you and the darkness in your soul!

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Flair Furia

Angel of Vengeance

Affiliation: Flair Neutral


Sarah prayed to the Eternal Pyre for the strength to fight the Abyss and to avenge her fallen sister, cruelly sacrificed by the Magistrate. Her prayers were answered. She was saved from the Abyss and transformed into Furia: An avenging angel of cleansing flame — Pyre-incarnate. Now the former sisters stand opposed, each a vessel for otherworldly powers far beyond that of mere mortals.

Class: Flair Support

Health: 2200


Name Skill Type Description Cooldown
Pyre Blade Direct Damage A Pyre-forged weapon that deals 330 damage every 0.5s in a burst of bullets with a medium spread. Has a maximum Ammo count of 12 and is fully effective up to 35 units.Passive: Healing allies generates Wrath, which increases your Attack Speed and decays over time. Each tier of Wrath increases your Attack Speed by 10% up to a 30% maximum increase.
Kindle Soul Healing Target an ally near your reticle and Heal them for 1000 and an additional 400 over 2s. Has a range of 125 units. 3s
Pyre Strike Area Damage / Crowd Control Summon a beam of searing light that travels forward through obstacles. Enemies caught in its path are Stunned for 1s and take 400 damage. Remaining in the beam deals an additional 20 damage every 0.05s. 12s
Wings of Wrath Mobility / Direct Damage Propel yourself backwards and fire 3 projectiles that seek out enemies, dealing 200 damage each. You leap backwards 45 units 10s
Inflame Buff / Damage Immunity / CC Immunity Channel the Pyre and become Immune for 2s. Afterwards, increase the Movement Speed and the damage done with weapons by 30% of you and your allies within 150 units. In addition, fully reload the weapons of all affected allies. This effect lasts 8s.
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Talents and Cards:

Name Ability Description Cooldown
Cherish Kindle Soul Kindle Soul Heals up to 15% additional Health based on your ally's missing Health and its range is increased by 300%.
Exterminate Pyre Strike When Pyre Strike hits an enemy champion it stops moving until it ends.
Solar Blessing Pyre Strike When Pyre Strike comes in contact with an ally it will stop and Heal anyone in its beam for 150 every 0.05s. Also reduces the speed of Pyre Strike by 30%.
Burning Oath Kindle Soul Heal for {105/105} over 3s after Healing an ally with Kindle Soul.
Inner Fire Kindle Soul Generate {1/1} Ammo after Healing an ally with Kindle Soul.
Light Forge Kindle Soul Hitting Kindle Soul reduces the Cooldown of Pyre Strike by 5s. This effect can happen once every {20/-3}s. 20s
Light of Dawn Kindle Soul Apply a {35/35}-Health Shield for 2s to allies affected by Kindle Soul.
Conviction Pyre Strike Increase the Stun duration of Pyre Strike by {0.15/0.15}s.
Hallowed Sight Pyre Strike Generate {10/10}% Wrath after hitting an enemy with Pyre Strike.
Ignition Pyre Strike Reduce the Cooldown of Wings of Wrath by {1/1}s after hitting an enemy with Pyre Strike.
Solar Flare Pyre Strike Increase the radius of Pyre Strike by {10/10}%.
Fire Siphon Wings of Wrath Heal for {75/75} for each enemy hit with Wings of Wrath.
Pyre Walker Wings of Wrath Reduce the Cooldown of Wings of Wrath by {0.6/0.6}s.
Righteous Path Wings of Wrath Increase the travel distance of Wings of Wrath by {10/10}%.
Stoke the Fire Wings of Wrath Reduce the Cooldown of Pyre Strike by {0.8/0.8}s for each successful hit by Wings of Wrath.
Incandescent Being Armor Increase your maximum Health by {50/50}.
Ruthless Armor Decrease the rate of Wrath decay by {10/10}%.
Devout Dexterity Weapon Generate {1/1} Ammo after earning an Elimination.
Pyretic Dynamo Weapon Increase your maximum Ammo by {2/2}.

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Join us next week when we talk about Flair Grohk!


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