Grohk – Champion of the Week (18th October 2020)

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Flair Grohk

The Lightning Orc

Affiliation: Flair Neutral


Being struck by lightning once is usually more than enough to kill someone, but after dozens of strikes, Grohk was still standing. Though it took him a while to realize it, he had been imbued with the power to control the lightning itself, and he put it to good use defending his tribe from a goblin attack that would have otherwise destroyed them. Seeing his newfound power as a sign from the weather-spirits, the rest of the Red River orcs immediately appointed him their chieftain. With the clash of the Magistrate and Resistance escalating, he sensed a new storm of a different sort brewing and joined the battle on behalf of his tribe.

Class: Flair Support

Health: 2200


Name Skill Type Description Cooldown
Lightning Staff Direct Damage A staff that channels lightning, dealing 75 damage every 0.1s. Deals up to 30% increased damage the longer you are continuously hitting your target. The staff will recharge over time after a brief period of not firing if it has not fully depleted. Has a maximum Ammo count of 100 and is fully effective up to 80 units.
Shock Pulse Area Damage Fire a shocking projectile that Chains between enemy players, dealing 150 damage per bounce. Chains to up to 5 enemies within 50 units and has a range of 300 units. 6s
Healing Totem Healing Deploy a Healing Totem that Heals allies within 30 units for 300 every 1s. Healing Totem has 1250 Health and lasts 6s or until destroyed. This ability has 2 charges and has a Deployment range of 100 units. Affected by Bulldozer. 10s
Ghost Walk Untargettable / Buff Become Ethereal and increase your Movement Speed by 50% for 2s. Removes negative effects on activation. 15s
Tempest Healing / Area Damage Surge with elemental power and take flight for 5s, increasing your Movement Speed while channeling. While this ability is active, Slow and strike up to 3 nearby enemies for 200 damage while Healing up to 3 nearby allies for 350 every 0.5s. Allies affected by your Tempest also have their Movement Speed increased by 50% for 2s. Your Tempest has a radius of 50 units. Can be refired to cancel.
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Talents and Cards:

Name Ability Description Cooldown
Totemic Ward Healing Totem Gain a third charge of Healing Totem and increase their healing by 30%.
Spirit's Domain Weapon Hitting allies with your Lightning Staff Heals them for 700 per second.
Maelstrom Shock Pulse Your weapon shots reduce the Cooldown of Shock Pulse by 0.5s and Shock Pulse chains 4 additional times.
Astral Traveler Ghost Walk Increase your Movement Speed while using Ghost Walk by {10/10}%.
Gale Ghost Walk Decrease the Cooldown of Healing Totem by {0.6/0.6}s after activating Ghost Walk.
Haunting Ghost Walk Reduce the Cooldown of Ghost Walk by {0.6/0.6}s.
Phantom Ghost Walk Heal for {100/100} over the duration of Ghost Walk.
Crackle Healing Totem Increase the duration of Healing Totem by {0.2/0.2}s.
Monolith Totem Healing Totem Increase the Health of Healing Totem by {150/150}.
Outreach Healing Totem Increase the deploy range of Healing Totem by {15/15}%.
Spirit's Grace Healing Totem Allies inside your Healing Totem gain {8/8}% increased Movement Speed for 1s.
Arc Lightning Shock Pulse Increase the Chain range of Shock Pulse by {8/8}%.
Conduit Shock Pulse Increase your Movement Speed by {6/6}% for 3s after hitting an enemy with Shock Pulse.
Lightning Rod Shock Pulse Heal for {30/30} for each enemy hit with Shock Pulse.
Thunderstruck Shock Pulse Generate {6/6}% of your Ammo for each unique enemy hit by Shock Pulse.
Shamanic Might Armor Increase your maximum Health by {50/50}.
Totemic Rescue Armor Gain a {150/150}-Health Shield for 3s after dropping to or below 30% Health. 45s
Electrostatic Weapon Increase your Ammo regeneration speed by {12/12}%.
Thunderlord Weapon Increase your maximum Ammo by {10/10}%.

You can find an archive of every Champion of the Week here.

Join us next week when we talk about Flair Grover!


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