How’s the game prospering?

Hello reddit!

At first I'd like to apologize for my language, cause english isn't my native one, but I hope you'll clearly understand everything.

I'm new to Paladins. We're new to Paladins, cause me and my friends started playing the game about a week or two ago (half of them is just returning after a break, so the game isn't as difficult to get used to having their help). I'm around level 20, few characters above 10, mostly supports, cool about that. I've unlocked the access to ranked games, so there started my thoughts about the actual game status. Underlining – I'm just 20, so I assume that whole game is still ahead of me, but I have to ask "Is it worth to treat it more than just a weekend game?". Developing my speech – "how does the game look for veterans these days?".

I'm pretty sure that Paladins had their best time few years ago. Honestly, peak 20k players online is still a good score, but is it fair enough to feel competition on ranked games? Let's suppose that every division has 1k of players in average, or even a degressive tendency the better your rank is. Being in diamond league, you're about to face most of the times the same characters, same people and the same behaviour within your enemies and allies. I'm afraid I'm about to get bored lately, just like I got in League of Legends after those few years of playing or World of Warcraft. Don't get me wrong – I really like the game and I'll surely test the rank system, but I'd like to know that preventively to not be disappointed.

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Second thing is your opinion about the character balance. I'm mostly playing Io/Janos/Corvus and those three at low rank seem to be overpowered. I barely notice many champions at my matches, so I'd like to know – does the Hi-Rez introduce rebalances or updates the game often, or you're forced to stick to few champions able to outplay the rest over-powered ones?

Third question is about the lobby screen, cause I'd like to have a fair look at this all. I've been playing Smite for so long and the shop overlap seems to be more harmonious and stacked than it is in Paladins. I know I can browse the skins inside my "Champion schedule" but it seems not very wisely distributed for us. Also, I've entered once a tab with a champion skin marked below as "Bought for X "strange_currency"" and when I tried to retreive this page, I simply cannot. That's why I ask for some guides or to explain me how to move around the lobby UI so I can find every information I seek.

Also – are there in-game/external tools to share my match history/account information about the games/leagues and similar things with other players, including my friends? Seems that every competitive game has those, but Paladins' in lack.

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I do not complain about the game; I still love it and I'm about to play with my friends as long as we'll be feeling the cozy stream we feel during every match and competition, because during our 50+ matches together, we didn't notice any abnormal gameplay which is quite cool due to competitive games overall.

I'll be thankful for every response, for any advices and see you on the battlegrounds! Stay safe and love each other! <3 🙂


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