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Koga is one of the most versatile and interesting flanks in paladins. Here we explore a build focused on both of his stances and utilizing both of their strengths.

Comparison (SMG vs Claws):


SMG Claws
Type Hitscan Projectile
Damage Per Second (DPS) 1333.33333333 1181.81818182
Effectiveness 80 Units 120 Units
Falloff After 80 Units No falloff
Ammo 70 Unlimited (Consumes Energy)
Weapon Shot Small Very Large
Movement Effects Cleanses All Effects (CAE) + 0.6 CAE + 700 Shield Piercing
Movement Range 40 Units 70 Units
Movement Cost 1 unit of energy Rest of energy


The playstyle of the SMG and Claws are very different.


Allows for better initial dps but less burst. The SMG also allows amazing access to your dashes which can help with quick healing, cleansing effects and avoiding damage. The drawback is the amount of ammo and the difficulty of tracking a moving opponents.


Allows for better burst but worse DPS. Paired with the lifesteal card you can get better sustain but at the cost of the easy cleansing dash. The ability to consume no ammo is invaluable paired with the large projectile size and no falloff makes a consistent damage for bursting down enemies.


Adrenaline Junkie – Generate 1 Energy for every 80 damage done with your Submachine Guns.


Unyielding (4)Reduce the rate of Energy consumption while in Dragon Stance by {24}%.

Allows you to stay in dragon stance longer without consuming as much energy.

Swift Hands(4)Reduce the time to enter and exit Dragon Stance by {40%}.

Allows for an extremely fast stance swap to dragon stance and also allows you to exit the stance and dash away faster.

Criminal Record (3)Gain {15}% Lifesteal while in Dragon Stance.

Combo's nicely with liferip to allow for some great self sustain in the dragon stance.

Tenacious (3)- Heal for {120} after activating Shadow Step.

This is a very powerful heal because of the ability to receive it at 100% effectiveness everytime. Since the dash cleanses caut this heal heals for the full amount and can give you the edge in a fight.

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Trained Killer (1)While in Dragon Stance regenerate {6} Ammo every 1s.

This allows you to regenerate ammo while in Dragon Stance so you do not need to reload when you switch back.




3.Kill to Heal (Optional)


The Build Playstyle:

1.Enable Agility(Increase your Movement Speed by 30% and increase your jump height for 4s. Consumes 1 unit of Energy.).

This will grant you a 30% movement speed buff which is great for chasing enemies and avoiding shots. Since you have gone with adrenaline junkie you will be able to regenerate most of your energy back.

2.Engage with your SMG's(Dual Submachine Guns that fire two rounds every 0.06s, each dealing 40 damage. These guns have a maximum Ammo count of 70 and are fully effective up to 80 units.) .

This allows you to maximize your DPS at close range and allows you to easily dodge their initial first attacks. You will mostly be diving backline DPS and the support. Most of them have an ability that can help them against flankers whether it be some burst of CC, your Shadow Step(Quickly dash forward, becoming Ethereal for the 0.6s duration. Has a range of 40 units and consumes 1 unit of Energy.) can avoid all of this . Having the ability to retreat and wait it out or avoid CC or damage while attacking completely is very useful.

3.When you reach around 1-10 Ammo left switch to your Hellkite Claws (Cut the air, launching a fiery slash that deals 650 damage every 0.55s. Fully effective up to 120 units)

The first reason why switching to your Claws are better is due to reload times vs stance switching time.

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a.Koga's Reload Time is 1.3s. This is very high and shuts down all your attacks for 1.3s and has the same effect as a 1.3s stun. With Deft Hands you can pull it down to 0.52s.

Switching from SMG –> Hellkite Claws takes 0.425s. With swift hands 4 however you can get the time down to .225s which is almost half of the deft hands reload time. This also frees up space in your item economy.

b.Your opponent should be at low health when you switch which also helps the use of the claws. The claws are great for taking down fleeing opponents since if they flee from close to medium range you still have no damage falloff and aiming is also easier.

c.In addition with max life rip + criminal record and diminishing returns you receive 40% lifesteal. Which adds up to a total of 472.727272728 Heals per Second.

d.The last benefit of the Dragon Stance is access to Skewer (Dash forward and slash all enemies in front of you for 700 damage. Consumes all remaining Energy and has a range of 70 units.). Skewer pierces shields, reversals etc and deals 700 damage to whoever is in its way. This is great for finishing a low health opponent who is hiding behind a shield.

Lastly if you are too low health and will not make it try to pop your Cyclone Strike(Embody death, becoming ethereal and dealing 1500 damage every 1s in an area around you as you move, bypassing shields.) and secure the kill if their movement is down. Do not try to save your ultimate for a multikill unless you have a Seris on your team just use it to confirm or try to get single kills.

  1. After you secure the kill and no one else is around quickly reload and dash into the LoS of your healer so they can heal you with no caut. If you are being pursued do not forget the Passive Climbing Ability which in a situation where you cannot fight allows you to escape in an unexpected way.
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This likely will not go all to plan so make sure you adapt, you will likely have to take on 2 opponents at once in which case you can normally at least make a trade for one of them preferably the healer.

I hope everyone enjoyed this build and I highly recommend you try it out. It is very fun and interesting to use. Let me know if I have any design flaws or pitfalls and I would appreciate it. Thanks.


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