I defended one of our teammates and the team turned against me for it.

Content of the article: "I defended one of our teammates and the team turned against me for it."

We had a game on Jaguar Falls in ranked. I forewarned everyone I can't solo tank very well, but I ended up with the role fill anyway. I took some advice to go with something I'm comfortable with so I chose Raum. Immediately an Androxus on our team said "worst possible choice" when they could have spoken up sooner.

Throughout the game, he then proceeded to insult our team's Furia. She was helping me stay on the point, and used the talent for constant healing from the beam. It's a situational talent but it worked well for us and we won the game thanks to the extra healing keeping me on point while she used Kindle Soul on everyone else. She couldn't always reach the Andro. While he was doing very well at stopping the squishies from advancing, he would complain any time Furia could not feasibly heal him.

We won the game cleanly, and at first I felt pretty good about defying expectations, mentionning Raum wasn't such a bad pick after all, but he just kept going. Kept claiming we only won because the enemy team was bad and he carried us, and continued to insult the Furia and myself. I finally had enough and spoke out, questioning why he was complaining so much despite the fact we won. I mentionned everything good I saw Furia and the other DPS doing. Suddenly everyone else on the team except Furia turned against me, claiming I did absolutely nothing, and was slandering him.

I think this experience has told me nice guys finish last in this community. The Furia I defended was perfectly fine, and yet for standing up for them, I became the bad guy suddenly. I admit I was losing my cool after that, so I left a simple message about the fact that this person felt the need to slander instead of helpful words, even if we did win. Yes he did the most damage, yes he got the most kills, but I suspect he could never 1 v 5 the enemy team as he thought.

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Sorry for the rant, but I would normally ignore any toxicity in the community – today's experience taught me toxicity is all that people respect, and that honestly worries me about the community as a whole, especially as it finally rubbed off on me too.


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