Inara – Champion of the Week (8th November 2020)

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I will protect this land with my very being.

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Flair Inara

The Stone Warden

Affiliation: Flair Resistance


One of the few remaining stagalla, Inara was reluctant to join the Resistance in their time of need, but she was oath-bound to do so. Originally created to help the ancient order of the Paladins repel the first goblin scourge, the stone people slumbered for generations before being summoned to battle once again. Inara was slow to act, but after witnessing the savage acts committed by the Magistrate, she threw herself once more into the battle, this time on behalf of the Resistance, heeding the call of Valera and her Paladins once again.

Class: Flair Front Line

Health: 4700


Name Skill Type Description Cooldown
Stone Spear Direct Damage Fire a burst of 3 projectiles over 0.3s every 1.25s. Each projectile deals 225 damage. Has a maximum Ammo count of 5 and is fully effective up to 75 units.
Earthen Guard Buff Enter a defensive state. While in this state, reduce damage taken by your Deployables and you by 30% and increase Healing received by 30%. This effect lasts 5s. 10s
Impasse Deployable / Shield Deploy a rocky wall that grows from the ground. This wall has 5500 Health, lasts for 5s, and can be refired to cancel. Has a range of 80 units. Affected by Bulldozer. 15s
Warder's Field Deployable / Debuff / Area Damage Deploy a stone obelisk with 1500 Health that pulses every 1s, dealing 150 damage and reducing the Movement Speed of enemies within 20 units by 60%. Lasts 6s and can be refired to destroy the obelisk. Affected by Bulldozer. 12s
Seismic Crash Crowd Control / Area Damage / CC Immunity Throw your spear, Piercing Shields and impacting the ground. This impact Stuns enemies for 2s and deals 500 damage in a 40-unit radius around its impact. Has a range of 300 units.
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Talents and Cards:

Name Ability Description Cooldown
Mother's Grace Earthen Guard Reduce your damage taken by 10% and gain Immunity to Crowd Control while Earthen Guard is active.
Tremors Impasse Impasse now has 2 charges and its Cooldown is reduced to 12s, but you are unable to destroy your walls.
Treacherous Ground Warder's Field The radius of Warder's Field is increased by 50% and it Cripples enemies within it.
Geomancer Earthen Guard Reduce the Cooldown of Earthen Guard by {0.5/0.5}s.
Living Stone Earthen Guard Increase your Reload Speed by {12/12}% while Earthen Guard is active.
Shear Earthen Guard Generate {1/1} Ammo after activating Earthen Guard.
Stone Bulwark Earthen Guard Heal for {25/25} every 1s while Earthen Guard is active.
Cloudbreaker Impasse Increase the Health of Impasse by {250/250}.
Crag Impasse Heal for {150/150} after activating Impasse. 5s
Plateau Impasse Gain a {75/75}-Health Shield for 3s after activating Impasse.
Summit Impasse Apply a Knockback of {300/300} to yourself after using Impasse underneath yourself.
Caretaker Warder's Field Heal for {20/20} every 1s while standing in Warder's Field.
Lodestone Warder's Field Generate {2/2} Ammo after activating Warder's Field.
Sacred Ground Warder's Field Reduce your damage taken by {5/5}% while standing in Warder's Field.
Standing Stones Warder's Field Reduce the Cooldown of Warder's Field by {1/1}s.
Insurmountable Armor Increase your maximum Ammo by {1/1}.
Rolling Stones Armor Reduce your active Cooldowns by {8/8}% after getting an Elimination.
Steadfast Armor Increase your maximum Health by {150/150}.
Whetstone Weapon Increase your Reload Speed by {5/5}%.

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Join us next week when we talk about Flair Io!


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