Kinessa is way too game-defining right now.

The third of the u/LaserCamel46 paladins ramble posts woah.

With the Strix nerf banishing him to B tier, Kinessa is the only real sniper right now. Kinessa and Strix almost balanced eachother out, with either being an effective counter to the other. If one got picked/banned, you could just pick/ban the other. But with Strix now out of the meta, the only way to counter Kinessa is a double-tank composition, because the only way Kinessa can be stopped from wreaking havoc on anyone who dares to try and step in her field of vision, is to have an offtank constantly harass her.

Flanks should be a good counter right? Just go beside her and kill her right? Wrong. Good Kinessas just are unable to be flanked, because of one thing in particular: Oppressor Mines. She puts them on flank routes and just like that she knows where you're flanking from. If you destroy the damned thing she still gets alerted cuz the mine indicator on her screen goes red, so she still knows you're there and she can just replace it. When you get to her, she'll know you're there and you will get shot. You essentially start off kinessa 1v1s with 1200 less health. The only characters who don't mind that are bulky offtanks.

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She makes straight-up existing way harder than it needs to be. Her Eagle Eye damage boosts can score guaranteed kills on anyone with 2100 hp or less. If you're a non-tank it's not much different as she only needs to charge for a split second to finish you off. You just can't risk being in a spot where Kinessa is able to see you, because you're just fucked.

This is the part where I go nerf Nessa right? Uhhh I'm not sure actually. A lot of Paladins champions are in this kinda untouchable spot, where if you nerf what they're good at they become trash, and if you buff what they're bad at they become too good. An example of that being Strix's fire rate nerf. A lot of people like new Strix for some reason, but I believe a character shouldn't have to go to shit in order for the game to be fun.

The common suggestion for fixing Nessa is giving her damage scaling on her sniper, but the devs have commented on this being basically impossible due to being unable to fix lian's eminence which works the same way. A lot of people think her damage numbers should be reduced, but anything below 1000 would make her essentially useless when Sha, Imani, Eminence Lian, Burst Viktor, etc. exist. Her damage boosts could be removed, but seeing as how EM has yet to remove those, it seems like they consider to be an intentional part of the identity of her character (damage boosts on a sniper and an invisible sniper, really good game design ya got there Hi-Rez). Changing her mines into not being basically reveals would mess with the identity of the character too much.

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