Listing all of the balance changes the failed to be implemented correctly in the patch notes, description errors, and general troubleshooting from S4 onwards until EM fixes them – Patch 4.3 (Octavia Edition)

I've had this data gathering dust sitting in a text document on my desktop for about a day or two now, so I figured I'd stop procrastinating on sharing it with the community. Like before, please note that all of the testing regarding these balance tweaks was conducted within the Shooting Range, which has a recorded history of being notoriously buggy in comparison to live matches, so take this information with a grain of salt. I also sent a support ticket to EM detailing my findings, and it's been a few days, so some of these might have already been corrected in a hotfix I wasn't aware of. Each entry relays in which patch the mistake was discovered, and therefore, provides details on how long they've persisted without being fixed.


u = units

cd = cooldown

efr = effective range

sd = simplified description

ad = advanced description


  • Light Forge's description hasn't been updated to reflect its base cd reduction from 20s to 15s, and is also not functioning properly in-game, which makes me believe this change was reverted in the PTS and I just wasn't aware of it. (Patch 4.2)


  • The ad for Luna incorrectly lists the cd on her redeploy to be 8s instead of 6s. (Patch 4.2)


  • If Blood Reaper increases ult charge by 15%, it doesn't say so, and neither does it work in-game. (Patch 4.2)
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  • Whether intentional or not, Asymmetric Warfare heals allies for 100 every .5s, instead of the 75 that its description implies. (Patch 4.3)
  • Display of Force doesn't mention in its description that it increases the pre-fire beam damage of Creeping Barrage to 225 (from 100). (Patch 4.3)
  • Hell or High Water appears to give a burst of 275 healing to Octavia herself, but not to allies. This isn't listed in its description. (Patch 4.3)
  • The functionality of Octavia's unscoped primary fire isn't relayed anywhere. Both descriptions for her unscoped firing mode describe her Designated Sights damage; information about her unscoped firing speed should be added to her left click description, whereas the current damage information should be moved to her Designated Sights blurb. (Patch 4.3)
  • Bit of a sentence structure nitpick here, but I think the sd for Designated Sights would read better if it said "in midair" or "in the air" instead of "in air". (Patch 4.3)
  • As other Reddit users have discovered, Octavia's Designated Sights isn't centered correctly (I think she fires slightly to the upper left?). (Patch 4.3)
  • Octavia sometimes defaults into her scoped animation for a brief second while using Commanding Leap. (Patch 4.3)
  • The ad for Marksman Rifle incorrectly lists its efr as a whopping 900u. The actual number is around 115u. (Patch 4.3)
  • There is a misplaced semi-colon in Distortion Field's ad, and it gives the impression the everyone can't see outside of it while inside, instead of just enemies. (Patch 4.3)
  • Same "in air" nitpick, but in Commanding Leaps's ad. (Patch 4.3)
  • There is a misplaced period in Creeping Barrage's ad – "a smaller targeting beam that deals 100 damage and destroys shields. if it makes contact". (Patch 4.3)
  • Assuming my testing is accurate, Dominant Dome increases Distorion Field's radius by 10% per rank instead of 4%. (Patch 4.3)
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  • None of Yagorath's ability descriptions give any indication as to what her cd's are in Travel Form, which is crucial information since some are different than the Planted equivalents with the same keybinds. (Patch 4.2)
  • Corrosive Acid's description doesn't inform the player that it augments Hardening in any way. (Patch 4.2)
  • I don't know how fast Piercing Quills actually fires, but it doesn't feel like every 0.15s. (Patch 4.2)

Honestly, the fact that Hi-Rez hasn't touched up on the entries for Furia and Koga makes me think that they were never changes that were intended to be applied to begin with, and were either scrapped in the PTS or erroneously listed in the patch notes for S4. I'll remove them next update if I ever get around to posting another one of these.


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