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Now that Io is going to get nerfed pretty hard, I'd like to see Luna reworked so that she actually feels like a proper companion, instead of a static deployable. For everyone playing Warframe, my suggestion is making Luna act similar to Khora's Venari. Khora is a Warframe that comes with her own companion, Venari, a cat like creature that follows her around and attacks enemies close to her. Venari can be toggled between Attack, Protect and Heal modes and can be focused either on a teammate, on the Khora player themselves or on an objective. When set to support a teammate, Venari will follow that player instead of Khora and perform her stance action there. How this could translate to Paladins would be the following:

  • Io's Q would summon Luna if she's not already summoned
  • If Luna is already summoned, Q would switch between Luna's stances
  • If Q is aimed at a teammate, Luna will follow that teammate, else Luna will return to follow Io
  • Instead of attacking/stunning/healing all at once, Luna's actions will now depend on her selected stance:
    • If set to attack, Luna would support the player she's following and attack any enemy that either attacks the player, or the player attacks
    • If set to protect, Luna would try to protect the player by some defensive means, could be the existing stun shortened or some other new effect, like providing DR or shielding
    • If set to heal, Luna would heal the player she's following periodically (duh)
  • When Luna dies, she will incur her redeploy cooldown just like she currently does.
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Some more notes:

  • Life Link and Godess Blessing could be reworked to buff the Healing and Protecting stances of Luna
  • Protection and Healing stance could be merged into one stance if three stances would be too overwhelming

I think these changes could help make Luna feel like an actual being you care about instead of just another deployable you just put down somewhere and forget about. Unfortunately when it comes to Champion kits, I feel like EM only really has the resources to put in that kind of work if it's a new champion to be released and not for reworking existing Champions. But hey maybe someone on EM sees this and feels like it's worth a shot.


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