Maybe an unpopular opinion, idk.

The player base is why this game doesn’t have a lot of players. This has to be the most toxic and low IQ ( in terms of game sense, not real life, I’m not calling anyone stupid ) base of players I’ve ever played with. I want to be clear on this though, I’m not making this post from salt off of losing a match. This is a conversation I was just having with a friend I play the game with. I’ve played this game since 2016 and I’m honestly starting feel like it’s not worth playing any more. The game itself is fun. It’s fine. I’ve spent a decent amount of money on it to support the devs ( literally just dropped $40 last night to get Drakefire for Tyra and Ska’drin for Ash ) but some of you guys that play this game are honestly pushing players away from the game. The amount of times we ran into players last night that either would go afk, start slinging insults because the team didn’t follow their every command, or start trying to blame everyone else for them playing bad was back to back. ( I healed for 142k with Seris in 3 rounds and our Khan who did 50k shielding with 10 eliminations was blaming me for him dying 12 times and us losing ). Out of the 20 or so games we played last night, we had 2 teams without 1 of the type of players I just mentioned. And this is in casual. I don’t even play ranked anymore because I imagine it’s even more toxic than casual. Last time I played ranked I had a guy yelling at me to do what he wanted me to do even though we demolished the other team 4-0 and I went 25/3 with Inara. I told myself I would never again touch ranked after that. Guy was literally yelling into his mic that I was playing wrong. I could go on and on about how stuff like this is regular in Paladins. I have 15 or so examples of it just from last night.

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Overwatch had 10million monthly players in November of 2020 and isn’t dropping too much from that now. Paladins can barely get over 30k. I understand it’s free to play and has somewhat expensive forms of monetization, but 30k vs 10 million. There’s a reason beyond micro transactions and I honestly feel like it’s how toxic the player base is. In all my time playing Overwatch, I’ve ran into toxic players occasionally. In Paladins it feels like I occasionally run into good players that don’t start whining and insulting everyone when the team loses a cap.


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