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Welcome champions!

In case you weren't aware of this, 5 months ago, we've asked the community what they think about the idea of introducing the NSFW tag to the subreddit. Ever since then, based on the feedback received, we've worked together to completely recreate the rule #8 from the grounds up, in an attempt to allow us to judge artistic submissions more efficiently, and hopefully more fairly as well – which we know was, and still is, a huge problem on the subreddit. This was never without a good reason – we are aware that the subreddit is visited daily by a multitude of different users, ranging in terms of gender, age and the places they usually visit the subreddit at (bus, train, school, work, home), and it's been over 2 years since the decision was made about the NSFW tag being removed from the subreddit completely.

With the feedback we've received regarding the rule and possible changes, we've decided that it should be possible to utilize the NSFW tag in a positive way, one that would allow the rule #8 to be more lenient in terms of the content it allows, while also protecting those who wouldn't want to open / scroll through yet another post showcasing suggestive content while surrounded by strangers on a bus or a train.

As far as the new rule goes, here is it's new, full description:

#8: No Pornographic Content

Scope: Posts & Comments

Paladins will not tolerate content that's sexually explicit, or one that objectifies or overly sexualizes in-game characters (or other parts of the game) in a disrespectful manner. Certain types of content are still allowed, provided they are properly tagged as NSFW. Here are several guidelines your post or comment should follow:

  • No pornography – Content that describes or depicts explicit content, such as nudity or sexual acts, is not allowed. This includes acts such as touching or stimulating the genitals, even through clothing. This also includes depictions of objects that resemble genitals, or otherwise could be used for sexual purposes, such as adult toys, whips, paddles and other similar items.

  • Clothing – Swimwear and underwear are generally allowed. Disallowed clothing types include sexual (lace) lingerie and garter belts, as well as sexual full body suits or masks. Clothing should completely cover female nipples, and at least 50% of each breast and butt cheek. Both male and female genitals should be covered completely as well. The content can include subtle details such as bumps or wedges where the nipples or genitals are, however they have to remain subtle, and cannot be literal outlines of them. ​

  • Sexual positions and angles – The content cannot depict “upskirt shots”, both drawn and as a picture from the game. This takes into account the position of the character, making angles such as “from below when standing” and “from behind when laying down or bending over” disallowed. Certain positions such as spreading or raising the legs above the waist line are disallowed too. The content cannot depict sexual movement restrictions – this includes for ex. using a leash and collar, or tying up.

  • Body proportions – The content cannot overly "bring out" or expose any (body)parts of a character – body proportions should remain realistic. In general, the character should roughly resemble how they appear in-game.

  • Body products and gore – The content cannot include depictions of excessive body products, such as sweat, saliva, blood, and similar. Genital fluids are disallowed completely. Certain types of gore imagery, such as severed limbs, open wounds and cutting through flesh, are also disallowed.

  • Inappropriate behavior – Any comment featuring sexually inappropriate or disrespectful behavior, will be removed on sight, without notice.

  • Links policy – Any post or comment featuring direct links to other places on the internet (including other subreddits) that contain sexually explicit content, will be removed with or without notice. This excludes dynamically generated content (recently viewed, recommended, see also, etc.), or any further user interaction with the page (we're not responsible for where they go from there).

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Each submission will be judged against these guidelines on a case by case basis, and removed if necessary. Moderators will assign the NSFW tag to each submission that falls within this rule, but is deemed to be too inappropriate to view in a public place. To streamline the process, users are allowed to add the NSFW tag to their submission at the time of posting as well.

We hope this change will reflect positively on the community and any eventual rule #8 enforcement cases in the future.

If there would be any confusion regarding this change, or you'd just have a question – please feel free to ask below this thread, and I'll attempt to answer it.


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