My torvald buff ideas V4(Golden form)

Content of the article: "My torvald buff ideas V4(Golden form)"


•decreased damage from 800 to 690

•decreased channeling time from 2s to 1.5

•increased range from 50 to 70 units

•removed self movement penalty

•increased ultimate charge from 4% to 5%


•Now has 2 charges

•Still is 500hp(read my observation)

•increased cooldown from 6s to 10s(for each charge)


•Removed movement penalty

•can now be canceled

•enemies hit by it are now disarmed and the effect still lasts 0.5s after ends



Protection gains a third charge but its cooldown is increased by 2s


Nullify now force enemies abilities to enter on cooldown after ends and steal 5% of the enemy ultimate charge during its period

*Shields, Deployables and pets are also destroyed


Every time Torvald own shield is destroyed he gains a 15% damage buff that lasts until he is killed(max: 60%)


Arcane Etching: Increase Nullify channeling duration by {0,1|0,1}s (this increase its damage)

Conduction: Reduce the Cooldown of Recharge by {0.5|0.5}s.

Eldritch Speed : Increase your Movement Speed by {15|15}% while using Recharge

Glyph of Freedom: Reduce your active Cooldowns by {8|8}% after getting an Elimination (no changes)

Glyph of Health: Increase your maximum Health by {150|150} (no changes)

Glyph of Siphoning: gain {1|1}% ultimate charge after getting an Elimination or Assistance

Glyph of the Fist: Increase your maximum Ammo by {1|1} (no changes)

Hearthwarder: Increase protection shield by {100|100} HP

Induction: Generate {1|1} Ammo after activating Recharge (no longer has internal cooldown)

Infusion: Hitting a enemy with nullify heals you by {100|100} HP

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Lifegiver: Heal the target of your Protection for {50|50}

Rune Torrent: Regenerate {1|1} Ammo every 0,5s while using Nullify.

Scribe's Wit: Reduce the Cooldown of Nullify by {1|1}s

Timeshaper: Reduce by {0,3|0,3}s active cooldowns for the target of your Protection.

Vital Grasp: Heal for {100|100} after activating Recharge.

Wind dancer: Increase the Movement Speed of your Protection target by {5|5}% for 3s

Small observation

Hearthwarder should be a protection shield increase card but I also think that should be a 75|75 increase


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