my vivian rework ideas V1(please be gentle cuz I will improve it)

Content of the article: "my vivian rework ideas V1(please be gentle cuz I will improve it)"

vivian rework V1


• Reduced ammo count from 70 to 60


• Now is like a bubble shield but has a unique color and is affected by bulldozer instead of wrecker (Torvald protection is disabled if activated)

• Decreased health from 1400 to 1000

• Can be activated and deactivated anytime except pre-match spawn room

• 10s cooldown if destroyed

• 50% movement penalty by activating(does not stack by normal firing or using precision sights)


• Increased cooldown from 10s to 12s

• Increased base range from 45 to 50 units

• Drone sensor now explodes in a 10 units range dealing 200 dmg and 5 units repulsion to enemies


• Reduced health from 1600 to 1000

• Now has 10s duration

• Reveal enemies in a radius of 25 units of your location



• if a enemy out of sensor drone range kills a ally he is revealed to you and takes 10% extra damage from your weapon (8s cooldown)


• Doubles the range required to active sensor drone explosion, Enemies take extra 200 damage over a period of 3s and are marked to take extra 10% damage from anyone


• Deflector shield no longers causes movement penalty and vivian no longer suffers from repulsion effects and deals extra 10% damage if she's crippled


contingency: deflector shields regenerates every 1,5s by {20|20} HP

controlling nature: Reduce the Cooldown of Sensor Drone by {0.08|0.08}s for every enemy hit while Precision Sights is active

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crack the whip: Enemies hit by sensor drone explosion have their speed reduced by {5|5}% for 3s

eyes on the prize: Reduce your weapon recoil by {10|10}% while using Precision Sights

hidden reserves: consumes no ammo for {0,7|0,7}s if you are bellow 5 ammo (15s internal cooldown)

informants: Gain {0,5|0,5}% ultimate charge every 1s if a enemy is revealed by Sensor Drone

joyless eyes: Increase the range at which Sensor Drone Reveals targets by {10|10}%

lightweight alloy: Bring up Precision Sights {10|10}% faster

nowhere to hide: Sensor Drone's Reveal persists for {0,5|0,5}s after an enemy leaves its Reveal range

numbered heart: Increase your maximum Health by {50|50}

one step ahead: reduce your movement penalty from firing your weapon or using precision sights by {5|5}%

plans within plans: deflector shield heals you by every {2|2}% damage absorbed

runic ammunition: Gain {4|4}% Lifesteal

scapegoat: gains a {50|50} shield for 2s if deflector shield is destroyed (15s cooldown)

unchecked ambition: Increase your weapon accuracy by {5|5}%

unfair advantage: gains {0,5|0,5}% ultimate charge ever 1s while using defector shield


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