Octavia – New Champion Megathread

This, is our battlefield!

Today marks the release of Indomitable, and the addition of a new Champion. Join us in welcoming them to The Realm! Do you have questions about what it is that Octavia does, or want to share a loadout you like? This is the place for all that and more! Let's talk about Octavia!

Flair New Champion: Octavia, The Indomitable

Conflict is ancient, war is perspective, but survival is the only real objective. For those who survive, there is a better life somewhere past that conflict; that is what Octavia is fighting for: a better life for us all.

The crucible of war has sharpened her battlefield instincts to a razor’s edge. But what truly distinguishes Octavia is her unwavering determination and her trust in her soldiers. If there is hope, she will find that spark and fan it into a roaring blaze, inspiring her troops with unwavering loyalty. The greatest threats to the Realm will have to survive meeting Octavia, the Indomitable.

Flair Damage
Flair Magistrate

Health: 2200

Name Skill Type Description Cooldown
Marksman Rifle Direct Damage A semi-automatic marksman rifle that deals 500 damage every 0.3s, has a maximum Ammo count of 12, and is fully effective up to 900 units.
Designated Sights Utility Look down your sights and gain increased accuracy; your Movement Speed is reduced by 50%. Using this ability while you are in the air stops your movement, allowing you to fire for up to 2.5s. While active, this ability allows you to see enemies within friendly and enemy Distortion Fields.
Commanding Leap Mobility Leap into the air to gain control of the battlefield. Aiming down sights with your rifle will cause you to levitate in air for up to 2.5s.
Distortion Field Utility / Slow / Debuff Create an opaque dome that hides allies and prevents from seeing outside of it while inside ; ability lasts for 4s. Enemies caught within the Distortion Field will have their Movement Speed reduced by 10%.
Creeping Barrage Area Damage Rain down a laser barrage upon your enemies that deals 850 damage per beam – the Creeping Barrage is cast out in a devastating line in front of Octavia. The beam cluster is setup into two parts: a smaller targeting beam that deals 100 damage and destroys shields. if it makes contact, and the large damaging beam that deals 850 damage.


Name Ability Description Cooldown
Hell or High Water Commanding Leap Upon landing with the Commanding Leap ability create a small pool underneath you that will heal both you and allies for 600 health over 1.5s. Octavia’s ammo is not consumed while standing inside of this field or maximum 1.5s.
Asymmetric Warfare Distortion Field Distortion Field now damages enemies for 125 every .5s for the duration of Distortion Field and heals allies for 75 every .5 seconds while inside of the field.
Display of Force Creeping Barrage Enemies are rooted in place for 1.5s when they are hit by the pre fire beam and the Creeping Barrage deals 600 extra damage.
High Ground Commanding Leap Increase the jump strength of Octavia’s Leap by 5/5%.
Air Supremacy Commanding Leap Reduce damage taken by 5/5% for 2.5 s after activating leap.
Vicious Circle Commanding Leap Reduce the cooldown of Distortion Field by 0.6/0.6s after activating Leap.
Clean Shots Commanding Leap Reduce your weapon recoil by 20/20% while using Leap.
Entrenced Distortion Field Reduce damage taken by 5/5% while standing inside of the Distortion Field.
Vantage Point Distortion Field Reduce cooldown of Leap by 0.3/0.3s while standing inside of the Distortion Field.
Priority Requisition Distortion Field Reduce the cooldown of Distortion Field by 0.5/0.5s.
Dominant Dome Distortion Field Increase the size of Distortion Field by 4/4%.
Tactical Fire Designated Sights Generate 1/1 ammo after getting a Killing Blow or Elimination while Designated Sights is active.
Overwhelming Force Designated Sights Eliminations or Confirmed Kills while scoped generate 2/2% Ult charge
New Boots Designated Sights Reduce the Movement Speed penalty of Designated Sights by 20/20%.
Snap To It Designated Sights Reduce the time it takes to bring up Designated Sights by 10/10%
Determined Defense Weapon/Armor Increase your maximum Health by 50/50.
Interdiction Weapon/Armor Increase your maximum Ammo by 2/2.
Getting Jumpy Weapon/Armor Reset the Cooldown of Leap after dropping to or below 10/10% Health.
Fire and Maneuver Weapon/Armor Increase your Movement Speed by 6/6% for 2.5 s after getting an Elimination or Killing Blow.


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