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These are my opinions, you may agree or disagree, but feel free to include your own opinions

Ash: Oh boy get ready to see ALOT more Siege Shield Ash especially since Brawl is getting buffed too for some reason

Atlas: okay be honest: aside from people just now playing him, who uses Unstable Fissure over big ass wall or multi-setback?

Barik: I'm actually glad they're buffing Barik, when he kept getting nerfed it just meant that at the time, Inara was THE instalock pick, but now that Barik is quickly getting some well needed changes I'm glad to see that the instapick for tanks is widening

Bomb King: with all these Grumpy Bomb card changes, I'm gonna be surprised if I DON'T see Accelerant BK more often

Cassie: keep rollin' rollin' rollin'

Corvus: well I'm glad all his talents are getting buffed especially Dark Gifts cuz it feels like once you unlock Spreading Influence there's no reason to choose DG.

Furia: I mean…okay Exterminate got a buff, but honestly I miss the Wings of Wrath talent. Why choose Exterminate when with the regular beam you have a chance at a multi-stun?

Io: yeah I'm just gonna side step this one, but I will say this: I'm glad Luna can no longer cap the point BUT HERE ME OUT…they should have left GB alone or put Life Link in the base kit and given her a new talent or at least buffed Luna somehow.

Kinessa: they may have nerfed Steady Aim, but she's still better than Strix

Koga: at least they're giving us a reason to consider Blood Reaper, but c'mon, Energy on damage is just too good to pass up and the claws do 650 every .55 seconds totaling to nearly 1300 DPS. I'll definitely consider BR when there's a double tank comp though.

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Lex: man's still does no damage without Death Hastens or a Retribution mark just saying

Lian: in the words of Ruckus: more pew pew

Maldamba: Man they are really giving you a reason to choose between Mending Spirits and Ripened Gourd especially with that lifesteal

Ruckus: while the Shield buffs are nice and all, Emitter can still be easily dealt with and c'mon are you really going to choose a stronger shield over more mobility? I honestly think they need to reduce the cooldown of Emitter, 12 seconds just seems too lengthy for someone like Ruckus.


Tiberius: Viscous Assault got a damage increase…look if you want to play Bounce House Buck then just play BH Buck. As Tib you are using your only means of escape as a risky fight starter, but unlike Buck, you have what feels like no control over Crouching Tigron and if you mess up Combat Trance (somehow) then you might as well enjoy the trip back to the spawn room

Torvald: Torvald is a fucking emotional rollercoaster this patch: he got a new skin yay, but he's getting a nerf boo, but the skin isn't chest exclusive yay, but you have to WIN ranked games for it boo…at least it's easier to manipulate ranked RNG over chest RNG and the skin does look dope.

People who I think should have gotten buffed:

Grohk, Spirits Domain is just…why why doesn't the beam go through teammates? Example: say that Tyra needs health badly, but Makoa's fat turtle ass is in the way and Buck is eyeing Tyra. Then you'll either have to move or use a totem so what I propose is two things: have the bean go through allies and/or have it so that while using SD, shock pulsing your allies makes it bounce off them for a burst of 150-200 health.

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Ying: honestly the only reasons to play Ying are her ultimate and Focusing Lens, I say remove Resonance and bring back the illusion multiheal talent.

Strix: I'm gonna say it: bring back old Crack Shot cuz as of now your only choices other than Nocturnal are a flare that is more offense than utility or loss of headshots for meager DOT damage.

Dredge: y=mx+b

Willo: yes I know she is getting a few buffs, but they don't address the problem of other blasters doing her job better. Dredge and BK have better area denial while Drogoz is better at mobility, I still remember when she got buffed only for Hi-Rez to say "sike" and revert the buffs, I think either her base damage needs a buff to preferably 600 or revert the Blast Flower nerfs

Moji: honestly bring back the old fourth talent where she got health on an ult kill, but put it in the base kit. Why don't the familiars get healed, do Hi-Rez not know how hard it is to catch the damn cookie without scamper or Nimble?

And finally I do have a Battlepass idea: an old fashioned mafia pass. I know Koga just got a skin, but c'mon, I can definitely see him with two tommy guns and I can see Damba getting a skin where the sneak has a tiny fedora and suit. Maybe even Ruckus gets a skin where Bolt is made to look like a booze barrel. These are honestly ideas I came up with on the spot I'm sure you all have better ideas.


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